June launches Summer across the country, but this year also marks the beginning of the Snap One AVPro Tour, one of our most comprehensive efforts aimed at bringing the training you have asked for to a Snap One branch near you. AVPro is on the road again to discuss how our MXNet Platform provides three AVoIP systems to choose from for rapid, repeatable, easily deployed systems designed to enhance profitability and the increase the number of projects you are capable of installing each month. InfoComm is in Orlando mid-month, an hour’s drive from our Tampa offices. We are looking forward to seeing you at our AVPro Edge booth for our Thursday Happy Hour on June 15th, between 4:00 and 5:00 pm. There’s no better place to cool off than booth 2125, where you will also see AVPro Edge equipment featured in this newsletter edition’s Case Studies section. Examine how other industry pros are using the MXNet platform and additional AVPro Edge products in amazing, stop-in-your-tracks installations. Chances are great that this June we will see you someplace, so please stay safe and thank you from all of us at AVPro Edge for your continued support and valuable partnership! ​ ​​ ​

-Jeff Murray
InfoComm 2023 is set to take place June 10-16 (Education and Training will begin June 10th, with Exhibits opening on June 14th) which is Pro A/V’s premiere yearly event for North America. Inside the OCCC’s West Concourse Building at booth #2125, AVPro Edge will once again be excitedly looking forward to seeing our current partners, while extending an invitation for newcomers to get a hands-on feel for how our MXNET AV-o-IP ecosystem, signal extension family of devices, and testing solutions offer opportunities for business growth and profitability, while also streamlining installation efficiency. 

Our theme for this show is BYOD, Bring Your Own Device, by which we mean, the AVPro Edge ecosphere can supply nearly everything required in your projects to ferry signals between points ‘twixt and ‘tween. Whether 120fps output from a gaming console directly connected below an 8K TV using a 48Gbps Bullet Train Ultra High Speed HDMI Active Optical Cable (which we are proud to say, are the FIRST AOC cables to pass DPL Labs® 48G Reference Standard!) to safely sending 4K video to a suburb 20 kilometers away using MXNet 10G over a fiber network, AVPro Edge aims at enticing attendees with the broadest range of devices we’ve ever brought to InfoComm. In our booth, we invite you to challenge AVPro Edge engineers with your device to demonstrate how our products faithfully deliver content with bit-for-bit perfect fidelity. 

Don't miss out this year, join us June 14-16 on the show floor! Register for free with code AVP365.

WHEN: ​Thursday, June 15th from 4:00 - 5:00 PM 
WHERE: The AVPro Edge Booth, #2125
WHY: Because we have the best customers in the industry!
At AVPro, we refrain from calling attention to ourselves, rather instead allowing our products to speak for our accomplishments. Sure, we occasionally rise above the noise to point out when we introduce a world’s first device, but seldom anything else beyond. However, when praise is bestowed upon us by industry peers, please forgive us for blushing. ​

We are extremely proud to call attention to the award our Tech Support team has received from industry magazine and website, Systems Contractor News. The votes were counted and AVPro Edge Tech Support is the recipient of Platinum top honors for Best Tech Support.

AVPro Edge for ANY Install

AVPro Edge is a versatile and innovative solution that finds applications in diverse AV installations, catering to a range of industries. Whether it's restaurants, corporate headquarters, security centers, or universities, AVPro Edge technology delivers exceptional performance and functionality. Check out our comprehensive case study guys, which showcases the ingenious ways AVPro Edge technology is harnessed, inspiring users to discover unique solutions for their AV needs.

ISF Seminar Heads to NYC

ISF and Murideo are headed to NYC! Join us at the ISF Level III Seminar held at Ablecine on June 25-27. Register today for before seats sell out!
Coming out of ISF Level III, you will have the knowledge to teach customers about picture quality and be able to confidently explain why investing in a better TV or projector is worth it. This will all contribute to more margin and better sales, ultimately increasing your bottom line. Learn more...

How MXNet with Mentor Increases Installation Efficiency and Profitability

With MXNet 1G, 1G EVII, and the recent rollout of MXNet 10G, our in-house developed MXNet Mentor software has garnered substantial accolades from those with hands-on daily use. While Mentor was conceived with a multitude of individual setup and problem-solving attributes addressing all facets of system deployment, what we have learned from talking with hundreds of installation technicians from every industry level is something surprisingly unanticipated.

Join Us for the Snap One Pro Tour

This summer at your local Snap One distributor, AVPro Edge is hosting in-person technical product trainings. 8K is here, with over 30 million 8K sources in the field, 8K TVs and 8K AVRs readily available, it's time to give this technology to your clients. Become familiar with 8K solutions like:
  • Extenders 
  • Matrix Switchers 
  • Splitters 
  • Scalers
We're traveling across the country so check out when we'll be at your local Snap dealer here!
  • June 7: CEDIA Tech Summit - Salt Lake City, UT 
  • June 7: CEDIA Tech Summit - Edinburgh, UK ​
  • June 14-16: InfoComm 2023 - Orlando, FL 
  • June 19-20: Audio Video Exporters Post InfoComm Show - Miami, FL​
  • June 27-29: ISF Seminar - New York, NY (Register)
  • June 27: Aldous Systems Event - Aylesbury, UK
  • August 30 - September 1: Integrate Australia - Sydney, Australia
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  • AVPro Edge Announces ProSource Vendor Partnership Read on... 
  • AVPro Edge Announces Release of New AC-MAX-24 Two Channel Audio Matrix Read on...
  • AVPro Edge Goes Quiet with Noctua Fans Partnership Read on...


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