Utah Department of Transportation

Command Center in Salt Lake City, UT
Over 250 cameras stationed around the state of Utah feed directly into this building where operators do there best to control the traffic that ebbs and flows along with Utah’s changing landscapes and weather. Inside is a 30 foot wide direct view LED wall that using MXNet to route the camera feeds from an IP signal to the display. This mission critical command centers is a recent overhauling from our partners at TVS Pro.

AVPro Edge Solution: MXNet

University of Miami

NCAA D1 Sports Complex in Miami, FL
Baseball, football, tennis, golf, basketball, and many more sports are played at UM, and now players can enjoy an updated audio/video system throughout the sports complex. Using AVPro Edge products, players can share screens from their laptops and tablets and connect to projectors that the entire team can use.

AVPro Edge Solution: Wall Plates and Matrix Switchers

Queen Creek Unified School District

Middle and High Schools in Mesa, AZ
The days of chalkboards are gone, and today's classroom must have an interactive display that is easy to use and will connect to the internet or the school network. Technology has allowed teachers to communicate with their students more effectively than ever before. Learn more about how AVPro helped this school district take its classrooms into the future of learning.

AVPro Edge Solution: ConferX KVM USB and HDMI Extension


Luxury Retail in Boston, MA
SCN Install of the Year Award winner Concepts, a luxury clothing retail store created by Amazon and located in Boston, Massachusetts, combines authentic skateboarding roots with the brand’s ability to convey a narrative and translate its identity through an immersive audiovisual retail experience designed and executed flawlessly.

AVPro Edge Solution: AXION Matrix Switcher

Let it Fly

Sports Bar in Sioux Falls, SD
Let It Fly, an upscale Sports Bar and Grill, requested live sports be visible at every angle. The restaurant space had two main seating areas with 200 seats, an outdoor patio with 100 seats, a bar, and a casino that needed AV solutions. With so much space and what would become over 80 displays, there was a need for a robust AV distribution system with secure management capabilities.

AVPro Edge Solution: MXNet

Hard Rock Café

Live Music Venue and Restaurant in Verona, Italy
Deploying AVPro Edge’s AV-over-IP solution, MXNet, as part of the installation for a client considered one of the world’s most storied franchises. The local integrator created a rocking and rolling setting for the new Hard Rock Cafe in Verona, Italy, known romantically as “The City of Love”. 

AVPro Edge Solution: MXNet

Ambulance Training Community Center

Training Facility in Salt Lake City, UT
Community Ambulance provides advanced life support ambulance services for emergency and non-emergency transportation of patients. They came to AVPro Edge partner T.V.S. Pro looking to upgrade their main large conference space and add the ability to divide it into three separate training rooms. In addition, the space was to have video conferencing and interactive capabilities in all areas.

AVPro Edge Solution: HDBaseT Matrix Switcher

Alaska Airlines Terminal

Airport in Seattle, WA
This commercial digital signage installation for Alaska Airlines features one CBOX, one AC-MXNET-SW48, 22 decoders, and six encoders. This video distribution system does the communication job for Alaska Airlines by displaying signage, flight info, and airport warnings.

AVPro Edge Solution: MXNet

Private Design Offices

Corporate Lobby in Minneapolis, MN
Creating the wow factor for visitors, this install is made up of 23 monitors that can be split into three different zones/walls or have one large image/video across the entire video wall.

AVPro Edge Solution: MXNet Mosaic Video Walls


Teatro Duse Theater

Live Events Theater in Bologna, Italy
The historic Teatro Duse of Bologna raises the curtain with an ambitious and modern installation. The project was created to give new life to the scenic environment and give a more engaging theatrical experience, both to artists and users. 

AVPro Edge Solution: MXNet


Silverstar Car Wash Headquarters

Corporate Office in Sioux Falls, SD
Silverstar Car Wash is a premier midwest car wash chain using MXNet as the backbone of its video distribution system. The video source comes from security cameras. These camera feeds come into two computers located in the main office. MXNet distributes the live security footage around the office, allowing Silverstar to have a direct pulse on their business remotely. 

AVPro Edge Solution: MXNet with Mouse Roaming

Chasse Builders Headquarters

15,000 sq/ft Corporate Offices in Mesa, AZ
 This large building includes multiple meeting rooms, lounge and game room areas and a large training room. Video distribution was important, but it had to work easily with with multiple video walls and a full audio distribution system.

AVPro Edge Solution: MXNet

School Digital Signage

High School Lunch Room in Chicago, IL 
This Chicago high school used the MXNet AV over IP system to create digital signage boards on 1x2 video walls throughout the school, allowing the educational leadership to deliver all sorts of communication to students and staff. 

AVPro Edge Solution: MXNet

PV Pie and Wine

Winery in Phoenix, AZ
Wine, drinks, and a good time; that is what people are looking for when they stop out at PV Pie and Wine. While they will have plenty of that, they will also have a discrete Audio Video distribution system running the video wall and displays around the venue.

AVPro Edge Solution: HDBaseT Extension with a Fresco CAP 4 Video Wall

Northern Iowa Security Institute

Command Center in Sioux City, IA
This mission critical command center ensures the emergency warning systems for the local area are up to code and working. Inside this building, they needed a video distribution system as reliable as they are. AVPro Edge matrix switchers, wall plates, and extenders were installed for AV signals to flow to any connected displays using a custom control system that took advantage of AVPro’s robust API. 

AVPro Edge Solution: Matrix Switchers and HDBaseT Extenders

The Porthole

Restaurant in Portland, ME
The Porthole is the seafood place you imagine when thinking about fresh New England lobster. This northeast coast staple recently upgraded its video distribution system, allowing people to stay a little longer and maybe order one more round…. of scallops, that is! 

AVPro Edge Solution: MXNet


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