AVPro’s American Manufacturing Initiative

This past Summer, AVPro sent shockwaves through the Commercial A/V industry by announcing the first steps on a path to manufacturing products in the United States would begin later this year. At that time, the factory, notably the former AVPro headquarters location in Sioux Falls, SD, had already undergone extensive remodeling and was housing a majority of the machinery ordered from Yamaha that will fabricate circuit board substrates and perform component parts insertion. Through the ensuing months, the line was completed and production test runs demonstrated failure-free precision with preproduction models.

TAA Compliance and the AVPro Revolution

Of paramount importance for making this capitalintensive investment was to skillfully craft products on these shores for compliance with the Trade Agreements Act (TAA), passed by Congress in 1979 and designed to limit US Government entities to US-made products (or products made in countries designated as fair trade partners).
AVPro Manufacturing Machines
A glimpse into the AVPro SMT line, where TAA compliant products are manufactured.

Expanding Horizons: AVPro’s MXnet TAA-Compliant Products

In early 2024, we will begin shipping US versions of MXnet 1G encoders and decoders, the MXnet 10G TCVR, and AC-EX40-444/ AC-EX70-444 kits that exceed TAA compliance requirements. Commercial integrators accustomed to doing business via GSA Schedule contracts will soon have new opportunities to expand the MXnet footprint into installations from which they were previously excluded. All of us at AVPro are proud to know that our company will be among a limited number of American-based manufacturers able to declare TAA compliance, and more so for the impact this will have on the Sioux Falls economy.

What Products Do We Have Available?

We are committed to upholding the highest standards of quality and compliance, ensuring that our TAA compliant products meet all the necessary requirements and regulations. Our competitive pricing reflects our dedication to supporting our partners with exceptional value and superior American-made technology solutions. For any inquiries or to place an order, please contact our dedicated support team. This price sheet serves as a resource exclusively intended for AVPro Edge’s internal sales partners, providing transparent pricing information for our TAA compliant product line, proudly manufactured in Sioux Falls, South Dakota, USA.

What Products are we working on?

Our strategic USA Manufacturing & Supply Chain Diversification empowers us to introduce a swiftly expanding TAA Compliant product suite, demonstrating our commitment to diversity and excellence in production. We're currently focused on crafting a diverse range of high-quality products right here in America, spanning from MXNet 1G to MXNet 10G and HDMI extenders. Here is a list of products we're currently working on:

When are these going to be available?

Exciting news awaits as we gear up to announce the availability of our latest products. Stay tuned for an upcoming news that will detail the release dates and how you can get your hands on these groundbreaking solutions. 

For those eager to secure a TAA compliant product from AVPro's upcoming lineup, we have a dedicated form ready for you. Fill out the form to express your interest in a specific product crafted on U.S. shores, and be the first to experience innovation with a touch of American excellence.


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