• Published , by Tom Devine

At AVPro, we refrain from calling attention to ourselves, rather instead allowing our products to speak for our accomplishments. Sure, we occasionally rise above the noise to point out when we introduce a world’s first device, but seldom anything else beyond. However, when praise is bestowed upon us by industry peers, please forgive us for blushing.

We are extremely proud to call attention to the award our Tech Support team has received from industry magazine and website, Systems Contractor News. The votes were counted and AVPro Edge Tech Support is the recipient of Platinum top honors for Best Tech Support.   

System Contractor News illustrated how our Tech Support team assists with our devices in the video distribution chain, but uniquely is equipped to solve the puzzle when it involves all other manufacturer’s products in the signal path. This has been the hallmark of AVPro Edge’s technical support from the company’s founding. Today our staff remains engaged in their push with additional education, centered on the inner workings and programming aspects of all major control systems, which will further simplify support calls for techs in the field while continuing to enhance our ability to provide full signal flow support. 

Heartfelt thanks to all who expressed confidence in AVPro Edge’s ability to serve their tech support needs by voting us into the Platinum category. We treasure this award and promise not to rest upon these laurels; it provides us the impetus to press onward with our aim to earn this honor next year.   



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