Hello from South Dakota! Exciting developments are underway at AVPro as we operate full throttle, manufacturing TAA-compliant products in Sioux Falls. Notably, we've streamlined our rapid-prototyping process, significantly reducing timeframes from schematic to PCB. 

Responding to your feedback on USB solutions, we're thrilled to give you a sneak peek at our upcoming USB-3 extender set to ship in Q2. This innovation is a game-changer, effectively addressing various installation challenges. Fresh off the heels of a successful showcase at ISE (Installation Systems Europe) in Barcelona, where we garnered over 1000 leads, it's clear that our presence resonated with an expanding dealer base at the tradeshow. In perfect alignment with our global expansion efforts, we are excited to announce the appointment of James Trumper as VP of International Sales. Based in the UK, James will be reaching out to our international partners soon.

Stay tuned for more exciting updates from AVPro!

The MXnet Line of 10G Network Switches Keeps Getting Better

Introducing the AC-MXNET-10G-SW24C, AVPro's cutting-edge 24-port, 10Gbps hybrid PoE++/PoE+ network switch. This switch design seamlessly supports wide-ranging Audio/Video-over-IP applications, including SDVoE, Dante, AVPro Edge MXnet 10G, and others, using the latest Multigigabit campus-level switch chipset.

Product Sneak: The AVPro Edge 4K 4x1 Multi-viewer is on the Horizon 

Get ready for a game-changer in visual experiences—the AVPro Edge AC-MV-41 Multi-View video processor is about to launch. With its versatile display options, enhanced audio features, and seamless integration capabilities, the AC-MV-41 promises to take our viewing experiences to a whole new level.

Cutting-Edge USB Extension Solution, the AC-EXUSB-3-KIT Launching Soon!

AVPro Edge is gearing up to launch its latest innovation, the AC-EXUSB-3-KIT. This product revolutionizes USB signal extension, allowing users to connect and transport up to four USB devices flawlessly over impressive distances. Leveraging stable HDBaseT technology, this two-piece extension kit promises to redefine USB connectivity in the world of audiovisual technology.

International Moves: AVPro Edge Shines at ISE with Newly Appointed VP

ISE has come and gone, and we extend our gratitude to all the patrons who visited the AVPro Edge booth, helping to make it our best-attended ISE ever! The increased attendance aligns with the recent market growth we have witnessed as more international integration companies rely on AVPro Edge to fulfill their varied video distribution requirements. We appreciate the trust placed in us and are committed to pushing technology into the future by providing stable solutions that integrators can confidently sell and install for their clientele.

Unlocking Expertise: A Dive into Cutting-Edge A/V Training Programs

In the dynamic realm of audio/video integration, staying ahead demands a commitment to continuous learning. As technology evolves, so does the need for professionals to master the intricacies of new systems, network configurations, and troubleshooting techniques. To meet this demand, AVPro Edge offers a comprehensive suite of training programs designed for both residential and commercial markets.

ThenAudio: The Best Friend You Never Knew You Had…

In November 2023, AVPro acquired ThenAudio from X-Vue, LLC, with X-Vue founder and CEO Juha Nurminen also joining AVPro as Director of Engineering. ThenAudio products fall comfortably under the FIX IT TOOLS category, each deserving inclusion on every integration company’s installation and service trucks. ThenAudio products are designed to take the drama out of encounters where NextGen products must mesh seamlessly with legacy products, read on to find out more!

QSYS Driver Suite for MXnet

Numerous AVPro Edge installers rely on QSYS as their preferred control platform. To streamline their workflow, we've crafted powerful drivers seamlessly compatible with QSYS, facilitating precise control over both the MXnet 1G and 10G ecosystems. Discover the comprehensive guide for seamlessly integrating your QSYS System with the MXnet Control Box in the attached document, and explore our complete QSC driver suite here.
  • March 24-27: ProSource CI Summit - Las Vegas, NV
  • March 25-27: HTSA Spring Conference - Fort Lauderdale, FL
  • April 9-11: ISF Level III Seminar - Seattle, WA (Register)
  • April 22-23: AVPro Academy (Residential) - St. Petersburg, FL at AVPro South (Register)
  • April 24-25: AVPro Academy (Commercial) - St. Petersburg, FL at AVPro South (Register)
  • May 15-16: MXnet Academy 2-day Masterclass - St. Petersburg, FL at AVPro South (Register)
  • June 11: MXnet Academy 1-day Certification (Commercial) - Las Vegas, NV
  • June 12-14: InfoComm 2024 - Las Vegas, NV 
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  • Driver Release: Crestron Home MXnet 1G
    • Supported Products: AC-MXNET-CBOX
      • This driver provides switching capabilities and limited RS-232 Passthrough and built-in CEC commands
      • Support Article
  • Driver Release: Crestron Home MXnet 10G
    • Supported Products: AC-MXNET-10G-CBOX
  • Driver Release: RTI
    • Supported Products: AC-CX42-AUHD, AC-CX62-AUHD, and AC-CX-84
  • Firmware Release: AC-AXION-X-A
    • This is a rollback of the AV MCU from v1.07 and v1.05. This change is based on the feedback from tech support and QA investigations into failures with old legacy units updating to v1.07 with and losing functionality requiring a downgrade to v1.05. This change will prevent AC-AXION-X-A units from being prompted to upgrade the AV MCU, however if the unit was already updated to v1.07 the AV MCU will require a downgrade to v1.05 and customers may reach out to technical support for assistance.
Dante does not have to be daunting! Joins us as we present what Dante is and how it applies to your installations. Whether the installation is new, a retrofit, or simply scaling the system up, Dante is a solution that should be considered for audio distribution.
Join our 1-hour workshop led by AVPro Edge instructors, delving into the technical intricacies, concepts, and set-up of a long-lasting home entertainment network that contributes to building a home’s value. Explore how shifting to this reconceived model expands your business and simplifies whole-house system presentations. Critically evaluate the aspects of scalable Home Entertainment and A/V distribution systems that provide seamless integration and update flexibility, with in-depth insight aimed at adaptable, efficient solutions tailored for A/V integrators.


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