• Published , by Tom Devine

The AC-MAX-24 multi-room two-channel audio matrix is designed to deliver easily configurable high-fidelity audio routing via third-party amplification, across any residential or commercial space.    

Sioux Falls, SD – Multi-room video matrixing specialist AVPro Edge announces release of the separately specialized AC-MAX-24, an audio-only, rack-mountable, full-chassis two-channel audio matrix switcher. Designed to be partnered with any multi-channel power amplifier and featuring a comprehensive API fronted by an AVPro Edge engineered GUI for complete signal routing customization, the IP-controllable AC-MAX-24 may be perfectly integrated into most third-party automation systems such as Crestron, Control4, Elan, Savant or URC. 

Twenty analog input pairs join dual digital inputs (Coaxial or Toslink), with two AEX inputs which function to harvest analog or uncompressed digital signals from de-centralized devices at distances as great as 130M (over Shielded Twisted Pair). Not included but required to facilitate AEX use are AC-AEX-T transmitting units, available individually. All inputs may be routed to any output or output grouping (digital signals, however, are not downmixed). Audio configuration options include independent channel volume, balance, tone adjustment and equalization. Four 12V output triggers enable amp turn-on or event control.  

The AC-MAX-24 intrigues with small details and is perfect for high-resolution audio distribution in any residential or commercial environment. Highlight your next system design with the fresh thinking and distinguished audio performance of the AVPro Edge AC-MAX-24.

Key Benefits For Using The AC-MAX-24

Twenty-Four Available Inputs/ Up to Twenty-Six Outputs – Twenty analog RCA unbalanced input pairs, with two Coaxial/Toslink digital inputs, plus convertible analog/digital de-centralized inputs (AC-AEX-T separately required). Twenty-four analog RCA unbalanced outputs plus two AEX analog/digital outputs (AC-AEX-R separately required).  

Integration Friendly – May be partnered with any multi-channel amplifiers and controlled from all major automation providers via IP control.

Configuration Friendly - Comprehensive API and AVPro Edge developed GUI for complete customization of signal routing, audio parameters, and 12V trigger events. 

About AVPro Edge
Each component designed, engineered, and manufactured by AVPro Edge contributes to system stability, device interoperability plus ease of deployment, a result of the AVPro Edge strategy to vertically-align department integration. In-house research, engineering, concept design and product development track including parts selection plus materials procurement, are coupled with efficient, precision assembly in AVPro Edge facilities contributing to synergistic control over the entire manufacturing process. All AVPro Edge products feature class-leading standards for performance and long-term reliability. Our state-of-the-art tech support team ensures you’re never on site alone, while AVPro Edge’s 10-year, hassle-free warranty provides worry-free peace of mind.   


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