In today’s technological world, almost anything appears possible. This has never been more accurate than in a modern smart home. Stitching together every hi-tech component in a home should be an Entertainment Network consisting of:
  • Whole Home Audio Signal Routing 
  • Whole Home Video Signal Routing 
  • Home Security 
  • Control and Automation Network 
  • Low Voltage Smart Lighting 
  • Wi-Fi 
  • Exercise Equipment 
  • Any device capable of sending and receiving commands via a network

Think beyond selling Audio/Video Distribution and start selling your clients an “Entertainment Network”

What do all these items have in common? They all use a home network to exchange data. We are at a crossroads with technology to witness every device within a home connecting through a network. A/V integrators, like yourself, work with technology providers (like AVPro) to procure and install easy-to-control components that deliver a full spectrum of content to the Entertainment Network.

Why does your customer want an Entertainment Network?

  • Increases Home Security with rapid access to cameras 
  • It contributes to the essential balance between work and home life 
  • Increases assessed home value 
  • Easy access to all networked products
  • Compatibility with legacy products such as turntables, various format tape machines, CD players 
  • Stream audio from services such as Apple Music, Spotify, Tidal, or YouTube to any or every room in a home 
  • Remotely locate bulky gaming consoles to reduce clutter 
  • Securely separate an entertainment network designated for music and movies from a network supporting critical personal information 
  • Display digital art throughout your home from every display 
  • Better Wi-Fi coverage throughout a home
The backbone for every great Entertainment Network is a stable and solid Network Switch, not simply engineered for internet traffic but designed to support complex, demanding entertainment signals such as music, movies, live sports broadcasts, video gaming, and much more. AVPro Edge has carefully crafted the perfect network switch to handle the rigors of multi-faceted content awaiting installation in your next Entertainment Network.
MXnet 1G Network Switches include the AC-MXNET-SW10, AC-MXNET-SW24, and AC-MXNET-SW48

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The Home Entertainment Network Training Course 
Join our 1-hour workshop led by AVPro Edge instructors, delving into the technical intricacies of building longlasting ome entertainment networks that contribute to building a home’s value. Explore how shifting to this reconceived model expands your business and simplifies whole-house system presentations. Critically evaluate the aspects of scalable Home Entertainment and A/V distribution systems that provide seamless integration and update flexibility, with in-depth insight aimed at adaptable, efficient solutions tailored for A/V integrators. 

Visit training.avproedge.com for more information.


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