Harnessing ICT in a Million Dollar Florida Home

Luxury Home in Tampa, FL
This installation is a brand new residential estate property on the intercoastal waterway in Largo, Florida. It’s a sprawling installation made primarily of concrete with a pool pavilion. There is a centralized rack with eight indoor displays around the residence from various manufacturers, one large-format screen and projector in the theater room, and four outdoor displays. Most of the TVs receive audio and video from an AVPro Edge 8x8 matrix switcher with audio downmixing at the rack.

AVPro Edge Solution: Downmixing HDBaseT Matrix Switch


Bar/Restaurant in Sioux Falls, SD
Krav’n is an established sports bar popular in their neighborhood, and during a recent remodel, the business took the opportunity to revamp and upgrade their A/V system. The current system was a pain point for servers and bartenders and wasn’t very easy on the eyes. Hanging wires and no control system caused headaches for employees.

AVPro Edge Solution: HDBaseT Extenders

A/V Distribution at a Luxury Oceanside Residence

Oceanside Condo in Largo, FL
Distributing audiovisual signals in Florida, the lightning capital of the United States, has unique challenges. For example, the primary building material of this residence is concrete, and there are outdoor zones that are susceptible to a power surge from lightning. In addition, there are general installation challenges, such as the need to downmix audio for a distributed audio system.

AVPro Edge Solution: Downmixing 8x8 Matrix Switcher

Luxury Home Retrofit

Retrofit in St. Petersburg, FL
This installation tells the story of a 3-story home. The bottom floor has cement walls because it stands below the flood plain in Eastern Florida. Cement walls and other Florida building standards can make installing a modern audio-video distribution system very difficult. The integrators from HD2020 were able to keep all the audio, video, and control electronics in one central place, using category and fiber optics to distribute signals.

AVPro Edge Solution: AXION X - 16x16 Modular Matrix


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