Sneak Peek - US Manufacturing at AVPro

  • Published , by Justine Murray

As a follow-up to our announcement at InfoComm 2023 for plans to begin board-level-up manufacturing here in the United States, we are excited to pass on to you that the main SMT line of Yamaha fabrication machinery arrived in July and has been installed in one of our Sioux Falls, SD facilities. Commencement production of a test run was completed during the middle of August, with an American-made AVPro Edge product rolling off the line for shakedown quality-control procedures. We are proud to say the unit (sorry, it’s a secret) performed flawlessly, just as we expected.

The importance of this milestone was outlined by AVPro's CTO Matt Murray stated earlier this summer, "This additional manufacturing capacity is pivotal as it will specifically address making products which require authorization that must be of USA origin for use in security-sensitive governmental and military installations, plus in certain segments of associated private industries that are placed under similar restrictions."

As part of a second scheduled production line, selective solder machines are expected to arrive in mid-September, firmly cementing AVPro Edge’s commitment to domestic, American-based manufacturing which will be available for sale in early 2024. Stay tuned for additional information as this exciting time unfolds at AVPro Edge.

To learn more check out our original press release!


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