AVPro Edge Brings Manufacturing to the USA

  • Published , by Tom Devine

Sioux Falls, So. Dakota - June 12, 2023 – AVPro Global Holdings, a Sioux Falls-based major electronics manufacturer whose market channels include consumer, integrator-installed residential, and specified/integrator-installed commercial is today announcing that it is substantially underway with plans to manufacture products in the United States and specifically in Sioux Falls.

AVPro Edge Manufacturing HQ in Sioux Falls, SD

As a joint veteran and woman-owned South Dakota business, AVPro Global Holdings, doing business as AVPro Edge, becomes one of a very select few manufacturers serving residential and commercial custom installation markets to develop, engineer, and manufacture from the board level-up, world-class products on American soil by dedicated American craftsmen. 

“I know the entire AVPro family could not be more proud to be a part of this historic evolution of our company,” said AVPro President and CEO, Jeff Murray. “We are growing at an amazing pace and to now be adding key production-level manufacturing jobs to the community we love, makes Sioux Falls a stronger and more vibrant place for all of us to live in.”

The new manufacturing division has taken up residence in the former headquarters, with administration, sales and sales support, marketing, engineering, and product development moving this past Spring into a newly acquired, larger complex to further accommodate this groundbreaking development.

Key to facilitating this domestic production line are highly specialized, custom-specified Yamaha fabrication machines which will place certified board-level component parts into precision circuit traces. “The Yamaha machines were ordered late in 2022 and I expect them to be in place on the factory floor ready for a practice run at the end of this Summer” predicts Matt Murray, AVPro President, and CTO. Continuing, Murray emphasized “This additional manufacturing capacity is pivotal as it will specifically address making products which require authorization that must be of USA origin for use in security-sensitive governmental and military installations, plus in certain segments of associated private industries that are placed under similar restrictions. I anticipate that by the early Spring of 2024, these USA-manufactured AVPro Edge products will be shipping to fill pre-orders.” 

North American manufacturing provides flexible advantages when particular products require expediting in rapid response to unanticipated market or politically-driven events. 

Jeff Murray adds “While the facility we own in Shenzhen will continue to fulfill orders worldwide, saying globally local here in the heartland of America is something Matt and myself have dreamed of for a long time, and soon, it will spring to life.”  

About AVPro Edge

AVPro Edge was founded and is headquartered in Sioux Falls, South Dakota. An AVPro Global Holdings company, AVPro Edge diligently develops and manufactures connectivity products de-signed to provide integrators with the tools they need to get their jobs done. As a full adopter of HDMI, HDBaseT and HDCP, AVPro Edge provides the quality products integrators deserve. Our engineers regularly work with these organizations and chip manufacturers to ensure the very best and capable products come to market. For more information, visit www.avproedge.com or call (877) 886-5112.



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