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Fresco Video Systems by AVPro Edge is making affordable, easy to install video walls a possibility for any installation. Video walls give sports bars, retail stores, entertainment venues, and hotels an opportunity to ‘WOW’ their customers with big, bold and bright messaging. With the Fresco 4 you are able to process 4K video throughout your video wall, delivering a dynamic effect no one will soon forget. We included robust scaling features inside this processor that allows you to not only input 18Gbps 4K60 signals, but output them as well to each display.  

The key is SIMPLICITY. With the AC-FRESCO-CAP-4 Video Wall Processor the most difficult part of the installation is hanging the panels. The Fresco CAP4 has built-in scalers that allow you to convert any signal to 4K, 1080P, 720P, or even 480; now, you can use this with all legacy products! With this product, you can add a video wall solution onto any pre-existing installation. Check out the installation below using a Fresco CAP 4 and the AVPro Edge Video Flux.

The Fresco CAP4 also comes with intuitive software that takes the guess work out of creating a video wall. Capture regions are very important in a video wall set up. By installing this free software, and connecting the Fresco CAP4 to your PC, you can enter all the measurements of your bezels and the software will layout your video wall perfectly, compensating for every bezel of every screen. This enables integrators to use any display with an HDMI input as a video wall panel.


Another Fresco solution is the AC-FRESCO-DA116, a large-scale distribution amplifier engineered to repeat and amplify any HDMI signal you can throw at it. 

​We understand that many installations are running non-stop, 24/7-365. Our engineers took measures to ensure any signal running through the AC-FRESCO-DA116 will be stable over long periods of time – our 10-year warranty proves that. Whether you are building a video wall, running digital signage or showing the big game throughout a bar, Fresco Video Systems from AVPro Edge will deliver a solid solution that lasts.

So where do these fit?

Video Walls: When using commercial displays to make a video wall, every display needs to receive get the exact same signal at the same time. the Fresco DA116 will provide the stable uncompressed connection that makes a video wall “pop”.

​Bars & Restaurants: Perfect for showing the game or a menu on many displays at the same time.
Digital Signage: Signage and advertisements are everywhere, using a Fresco DA116 will ensure an uncompressed image will reach its destination. Delivering a signal that is processed through a compression model can lower the quality of the final image.
Retail TV Sales: Stores that sell displays need to have high bandwidth solutions that will deliver the most optimized image to the screen. Today’s displays are 4K and built to show HDR. if you are selling new displays, you need to have a distribution solution that can handle the latest signaling.

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