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The AVPro Employee Highlight section is a way for you to get to know our AVPro Family. Let's get to know Debbi!

What is your Name and your role at AVPro Global Holdings?
My name is Debbi Selken and I am the Accounts Receivable Specialist here at AVPro
Whats you favorite Color? 
My favorite color is yellow. It reminds me of happiness, sunshine and my favorite flower sunflower
Whats your favorite food?
Honestly, I love all foods. But if I had to narrow it down to one it would be seafood
What do you like about working at AVPro?
AVPro is a team, a family. I have the best co workers and bosses anyone could ever ask for. All our personalities mesh perfectly. We all get along and I do not know one employee that does not enjoy coming to work. We have a great time at work and out of work together.  Each department has tasks to do throughout the day, but during these day to day tasks, we are ONE TEAM.  I get to work side by side with the best sales team, tech team and shipping team. 
From your point of view, how is AVPro different from other places you worked?
AVPro actually listens to their customers and uses that to make our products even better. AVPro takes care of their employees. Like I expressed previously, We are a TEAM, We are FAMILY. 

What has been your best “moment” since working with AVPro?
I don't know that it's an actually moment. But watching the business grow as a whole has been amazing. I started off in shipping and receiving and now I am the accounts receivable specialist. I still work right along with the shipping team, sales team and our tech team. So that itself is great. 
AVPro operates out of South Dakota, what the best and worst part of living in the mid-west?
I grew up in San Diego and moved to the mid-west in 2003. A huge change to say the least.  My commute to work was bumper to bumper on the freeway, that sometimes took up to 2 hours. Lots of accidents and smog.  I now commute from Iowa to South Dakota, 42 miles from my driveway to the office. The best part it is all country, I get to see corn fields grow through the summer and in fall watch the farmers chop them.  Watching the four seasons is such a blessing. Crisp spring mornings, hot summer nights, watching the trees and plants change into beautiful fall colors and to wake up on Christmas day and have actual snow is so beautiful.  
If I had to pick a worst part it would be the cold winters only because I am a summer person and enjoy being next to water. The snow is beautiful but scooping it and driving in it is not always fun. 
What is your favorite Consumer Electronic?
The camera, I get to take pictures of moments in life that can be captured for ever. 


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