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As the AVPro team settles back into the office after an electric week at CEDIA, we are anxiously awaiting the official launch of our AVPro Audio products. We wanted to tell you the story of how we got here, and give you more info on each of the pieces launching soon!

At AVPro it was noticed that our AC-AEX-KIT point-to-point audio-only extension kits were shipping out in ever-rising numbers, so much so that we reached out to our dealers asking what might account for the dramatic increase. They most often cited they were being used to retrieve audio from Smart TV onboard apps or from streaming devices such as a Roku, locally dedicated to a TV, then sent for distribution through third-party control systems back to the TV viewing room or for house-wide listening. Dealers also expressed frustration contending with methods for organizing the kit receivers within system racks, due to their diminutive size and the growing number used in expansive systems.   

In answer to this dilemma, AVPro Edge audio engineers developed the AC-AEX-RC-HUB, an audio-only matrix switcher with 8 available AEX-T Category wire inputs for aggregating decentralized analog or digital audio sources, and rack-mountable for a clean, professional appearance. 

With audio fresh on their minds, our engineers are keen at work developing a new lineup of comprehensive audio-only products, including the AC-MAX-24, a 24-channel audio matrix switcher… coming soon!
Don't miss our new product training on October 13 at 2:00 PM CST where we will review our all new audio products including the AC-AEX-RC-HUB and AC-MAX-24!


​Proof innovation never tires at AVPro Edge is found in this departure from our regular cadence of intensive video technologies development, as we introduce our first full width chassis product dedicated solely for audio use, the AC-AEX-RC-HUB. An engineering contemplation brought to fruition, it was conceived to harvest as many as eight decentralized audio-oriented sources at various distances from a centrally located third-party distribution system -  joining four additional audio sources neighboring the AC-AEX-RC-HUB, then aggregated into a common endpoint with matrixing capabilities for seamless  system integration. Control is mastered from the AVPro Edge GUI, or the API interfaces with automation systems like Control 4, Crestron, Elan, Savant and more to transparently traffic audio signals discretely behind the scenes.     

  • 12 total inputs, 8 featuring long-range extension using Power over Cable (PoC) category wire
  • 12 digital Toslink and analog RCA stereo outputs with AVPro Edge Dual-Play simultaneous output
  • Retrieve audio from TV-led apps and built-in ATSC tuners from displays for playback on architectural speakers
  • Digital piano audio like the Yamaha Disklavier may be system-distributed
  • Expand audio capabilities of video matrix switchers to an additional 12 zones
  • Includes a future-use input provision for Web-based audio such as Josh.ai VoiceCast. 

The AC-MAX-24 is AVPro Edge’s newest multi-room audio solution for applications where full matrix capability is required. Designed with 20 analog input pairs, 2 AEX selectable analog/digital inputs, and 2 Coaxial/Toslink digital inputs, any of the 24 inputs may be routed to another output or group of outputs using the comprehensive AVPro Edge User Interface (digital signals are not downmixed). 

Four, 12V output triggers provide for amplifier turn-on, with full API adjustment for individual channel volume level, balance, tone adjustment, audio-follow for zone grouping, and equalization parameters. IP controllable, the AC-MAX-24 can be partnered to work seamlessly with control systems from all major automation companies. The 2RU, rack-mountable AC-MAX-24 audio matrix is fully equipped to perfectly integrate with multichannel power amplifiers of your choice for high-resolution, whole-house audio distribution.


  • Comprehensive API and AVPro Edge GUI for customized configurations 
  • Fully integrates with major third party automation systems, such as C4, Crestron, Elan, and URC via IP control
  • Four digital inputs; two are extension-based and also selectable to route analog signals, plus two Coaxial / Toslink
  • AVPro Edge 10-year warranty plus world-class tech support

The AC-AEX-KIT is a versatile, multi-purpose problem-solving tool from AVPro Edge, designed to transport audio over category cable to endpoints 100 meters from a Digital or Analog source. Input routing is dipswitch-selectable, and AVPro’s unique Dual-Play function makes signal at the kit receiver simultaneously available from both the analog and digital outputs. Set to Toslink input, Digital two-channel or multi-channel content is delivered uncompressed to maintain maximum dynamic range with full fidelity.


  • Engineered to deliver uncompressed audio 100 Meters
  • Ideal for bringing Smart TV audio to a distributed system
  • Smart TV audio support from apps like Netflix, Spotify & Disney+
  • Coaxial or Optical digital audio S/PDIF Signal Support
  • Supports stereo and multi-channel digital audio (LPCM 2 CH through Dolby Digital or DTS 5.1 CH)


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