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The AC-EX40-444-KIT is one of AVPro's best selling extender kits, and one of the most trusted extender kits in the industry. Part of our 444 series of extenders, the EX40 supports 18Gbps 4K60 (4:4:4) over CAT using our ICT technology (more on that later). This extender set also features IR, RS232, bi-directional power, full EDID management, built-in test patterns for troubleshooting, and built-in scaling.

These ultra-slim extenders allow installers to use the latest sources but not worry about mixed systems with built-in 4K to 1080p down scaling and advanced EDID management. These feature makes these products perfect for retrofitting older systems where CAT cable has already been run.

"With a full 115 Feet sending 18Gbps signals with HDR, this unit can overcome all video needs. With scaling and our ICT compression built-in, mixed systems and high bandwidth concerns are a thing of the past. Matched with our 10 year warranty and full EDID management gives peace of mind for both the integrator and consumer."
​-Jerod Grieme, AVPro Sales Professional

​The EX40, along with the rest of our 444 extender series uses ICT to transmit 18Gbps signals via CAT cable. Using ICT (Invisible Compression Technology) we can deliver a virtually lossless, high bandwidth, 4K HDR signal with support up to 18Gbps. Deep Color and HDR Metadata remain intact making the transmission free of artifacts like banding. Other similar devices will deliver a sub-par image that has very visible banding and color shifting.

​Below you see 2 screenshots. When looking at the left image, pay attention to all of the artifacts in the solid colors (pointed out by arrows). This is what the image looks like through an extender without ICT. The right image is almost the same, but notice the lack of artifacts, this is achieved with an AVPro Edge ICT extender like the AC-EX40-444-KIT.

with AVPro’s 444 Extender Series and proprietary ICT you can confidently install a high bandwidth video system without visibly compromising the video quality. If you have any questions about the AC-EX40-444-KIT or any other AVPro extenders, feel free to give us a call!



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