AVPro Edge Introduces 
Dante Encoder, Decoder, and an Encoder Wall Plate 
for the MXnet Evolution II Ecosystem

Expanded MXnet Evolution II lineup adds Dante audio encoding and decoding capability plus a full-featured wall plate encoder, providing integrators with improved installation efficiency and flexible endpoint options.

AVPro Edge (www.avproedge.com) has introduced an MXnet Evolution II encoder (model AC-MXNET-1G-DANTE-EV2), an MXnet Evolution II decoder (model AC-MXNET-1G-DANTE-DV2), and an MXnet Evolution II wall plate encoder (model AC-MXNET-1G-EV2WP). These new models increase installation efficiency and flexibility by adding compatibility with Dante audio to the enhanced video quality of MXnet Evolution II, providing integrators with critical endpoint options while simultaneously consolidating wiring paths.
Our objective with these new MXnet EV2 solutions was to assist our integration partners who deploy Dante audio, but send the data across an independent network,” explained Matt Murray, CTO at AVPro Edge. “Integrators appreciate the exceptional quality of the MXnet ecosystem, and the addition of these Dante endpoints effectively simplifies long cable runs into singledestination endpoint routes, enabling integrators to use these devices as break-out bridges, leapfrogging encoded signals closer to the Dante devices in the system.

MXnet Evolution II Encoder and Decoder Solutions 

Installations that systematically deploy Dante audio but segregate it to an independent network can now simplify long-haul transport cabling to a single endpoint. Dante streams are ferried from the EV2 encoder to any EV2 decoder endpoint, bringing encoded signals closer to Dante devices. As an example, Dante-enabled amplifiers can be strategically located physically closer to the speaker systems they will power, potentially overcoming Dante’s 100-meter Category cable distance threshold while also minimizing the length required for analog speaker wire. Dante-equipped self-amplified speakers may also take advantage of merged centralized stream routes. Creative application of these new MXnet EV2 devices will result in significant material and labor savings for system deployments.


MXnet Evolution II Encoder KEY FEATURES 
  • Dante audio encoding 
  • High bitrate 3D Immersive Audio Compatible 
  • Optimized Video Compression for Artifact-free Images 
  • Support for HDR10, HDR10+ and Dolby Vision 
  • USB and KVM Support 

MXnet Evolution II Decoder KEY FEATURES 
  • Dante audio Pass-through/Break-out Bridge 
  • Optimized Video Compression for Artifact-free Images 
  • Support for HDR10, HDR10+ and Dolby Vision 
  • USB and KVM Support
  • High bitrate 3D Immersive Audio Compatible 

MXnet Evolution II Wall Plate 
 The AC-MXNET-1G-EV2WP is an MXnet Evolution II encoder with selectable switching between HDMI and USB-C inputs packaged in an elegant, low-profile, PoE-powered wall plate. Similar in function to the model AC-MXnet-1G EV2, system encoding may now be placed where it is most convenient. A/V signals are converted into precision multicast data packets, routed to any or all system decoders via Category 6A cable tethered to an MXnet PoE network switch.

MXnet Evolution II Wall Plate Encoder KEY FEATURES 

  • Low Latency, Native 4K/60 fps Support 
  • Fits Standard NEMA Double-gang Wall Boxes
  • HDMI/USB-C Dual-inputs with Analog Audio Follow
  • Transformer-free, P-o-E Powered
  • Inputs Locally Selectable
  • Minimal Heat and Low Power Consumption

About AVPro Edge 
Headquartered in Sioux Falls, South Dakota, and a subsidiary of AVPro Global Holdings, AVPro Edge develops and manufactures high-performance connectivity products engineered to provide professional audio/video installers with the performance and functionality they must have to deliver best solutions to clients. As a full adopter of HDMI, Dolby, HDBaseT, and HDCP, AVPro Edge engineers work closely with these organizations and chip manufacturers to ensure the very best products come to market on behalf of our customers worldwide. 

About AVPro Global Holdings, LLC 
AVPro Global is a privately held American company headquartered in Sioux Falls, SD, with satellite offices in St. Petersburg, FL, Seattle, WA, a European office in Bratislava, Slovakia, and an office in Shenzhen. The AVPro Global audio/video-centric brands - AVPro Edge, AudioControl Pro, Bullet Train, Murideo, and Then Audio – combine their respective strengths to create the fastest-growing AV signal distribution company in the residential and commercial systems integration spaces, perfectly complementing AVPro Global Founder and CEO Jeff Murray’s vision, “To be recognized as the best AV signal distribution and control products and services company on the planet.” avproglobal.com


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