• Published , by Tom Devine

Building a conference room begins just like any other A/V install, assessing the needs of the client and the goals for the experience of the room. 

What are the basics for a potential conference room? Putting assumptions aside, here is a step by step needs analysis.
  1. The purpose/objective of the room
  2. Room layout (fixed or configurable) (allow 25 square feet per person)
  3. Desk layout and furniture type
  4. Room workflow (how to you intend users to work within the room; content sharing, white-boarding, linking rooms, external users connecting in)
  5. Presenter’s location (standing, sitting, mobility)
  6. Display size and viewing distance
  7. Display type (based on size and room conditions)
  8. BYOD considerations
  9. User network and AV connectivity
  10. Video conferencing and UCC compatibility
  11. Audio and acoustic considerations
  12. Power estimates and outlet locations

Keeping all of these needs in mind, here are some of ConferX by AVPro's professional conference room solutions ​ensure every presenter can confidently share from any laptop, tablet or phone.


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