TVS Pro Unveils Cutting-Edge Traffic Management Hub in Salt Lake City

TVS Pro's headquarters in Salt Lake City, UT
TVS Pro, a technology powerhouse headquartered in Salt Lake City, has revolutionized the Department of Transportation's Traffic Operation Center. Leading this transformation is Dalton Parker, the Chief Technology Officer, who is renowned for his extensive work in Utah and neighboring states. This initiative aims to enhance efficiency and adaptability in traffic management.

The Heart of Traffic Management

The Traffic Operations Center is a critical hub where operators monitor over 1,700 traffic cameras across the state. They ensure smooth traffic flow and quick incident responses, making this center essential for Utah's highways.

Technological Transformation

The primary operations display has undergone a significant upgrade. The outdated rear projection system has been replaced with three state-of-the-art direct-view LED displays. These displays are connected through the AVPro Edge MXNet distribution system, providing comprehensive access to every traffic camera in Utah.

Visual Impact and Control 

The new setup features a central screen flanked by two additional large screens, creating a theater-sized display. Operators can now use a touch panel system to intuitively route camera feeds to specific screens, enhancing their control over the traffic management system.

AVPro Edge MXNet Distribution System

The AVPro Edge MXNet system is crucial in connecting, distributing, and managing traffic camera feeds. This system ensures that each camera feed is decoded and routed efficiently, demonstrating TVS Pro's commitment to innovative technology.

AVPro Edge MXnet Distribution System
AVPro Edge MXnet Distribution System
MXnet encoders and Decoders to provide flexibility for end user. 

Technical Mastery

The system involves a 36 by 36 Matrix, which acts as the central nervous system for video processing. The Choreo Master TV1 adds visual flexibility, allowing operators to create overlays, picture-in-picture configurations, or a single expansive image.

Video Wall Processor

The video wall processor, which receives HDMI feeds from the Choreo Master, distributes them across different cabinets to create a cohesive image. This ensures a seamless and reliable visual experience.
Seamless image display across multiple screens.
Utah Department of Transportation
TVS Pro's customer-centric approach is a guiding principle in this project. Their open communication and consultative methods ensure that the solutions are tailored to the unique needs of the Traffic Operations Center. 

The unveiling of the new Traffic Management Hub by TVS Pro signifies a leap in technology and a commitment to customer care. This upgrade transforms Utah's highways into a testament to the synergy of advanced technology and thoughtful design, setting a new standard for traffic management systems.

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