Case Study: Concepts

Elevating Retail: CommLink's Award-Winning AV Pro Edge Matrix at Concepts

CommLink Integration, a trailblazer in the audiovisual integration space, proudly clinched the Best User Experience award in the 2021 Systems Contractor News Install of the Year Awards. At the heart of this recognition is their outstanding work at Concepts' flagship store in Boston, Massachusetts—a groundbreaking retail space that seamlessly blends street, skate, and fashion, offering an unparalleled shopping experience.

The Concepts Experience: Where Fashion Meets Technology

Concepts, a global brand synonymous with authenticity and narrative, entrusted CommLink Integration to craft an immersive audiovisual experience for its flagship store. Spanning 4,700 square feet across three floors on Newbury Street, this retail masterpiece combines streetwear, luxury, and community engagement. Designed in collaboration with creative agency Sid Lee, the space mirrors an art gallery with its modern materials and comfortable ambiance.

The store layout, featuring a central staircase inspired by the Greek term 'theatron,' guides visitors through distinct environments. At the core is a captivating zinc cube, casting light at varying angles to personalize the sensory journey for each guest.

CommLink's Approach: Redefining Audiovisual Integration

CommLink faced the challenge of creating an audiovisual system that seamlessly blended with the store's aesthetics while offering flexibility for evolving brand experiences. The 16 x 16 AV Pro Edge Matrix played a pivotal role in achieving this balance.

The audio system, transparent during business hours, transforms seamlessly to support live DJ events. The modular design allows different clothing brand areas to broadcast unique vibes, controlled through CommLink's custom software. A user-friendly interface, Latitude empowers easy access to playlist selection, audio/video routing, and ongoing customization without the complexity of other retail environments.

Visual elements are anchored by four screens, including a 6-foot x 6-foot video wall powered by the 16 x 16 AV Pro Edge Matrix. This setup facilitates smooth transitions for featured brands and significant live events, providing a dynamic and engaging visual experience.

Continued Evolution: A Partnership Beyond Limits

CommLink's collaboration with Concepts extends beyond the Boston flagship, with the recent completion of their fifth retail location in New York City. The goal remains to create retail spaces that break the mold, continually evolving with the brand, where audiovisual integration plays a crucial role.

In celebrating CommLink's SCN 2021 Install of the Year win, we highlight not just an award but a testament to innovation, user experience, and the transformative power of audiovisual technology. As Concepts' journey continues, so does the partnership with CommLink Integration, ensuring each retail space is a unique, ever-evolving masterpiece. 

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