• Published , by Tom Devine

What is a Matrix Switcher? Matrix switchers can distribute one or many video sources to one or many displays. What does it do? With a matrix switcher, you can select video sources that you want by distributing them. Check out this quick video...

Seems pretty simple, right? At AVPro we carry matrix switchers for every application, and we set ourselves apart by offering built-in, unique features like...

  • Test Pattern Generation
  • Front Panel access for various functions such as DHCP, Network Info, Reset, and EDID Management
  • The AVPro Edge User Interface
  • In-House Engineering & Manufacturing
  • Built-in Downmixing
  • Drivers for all Major Control Systems
  • EDID Management
  • Downscaling
  • Full Audio Routing & Matrix

Take a look at our Matrix Family to see what switch will fit for your next install. Give us a call with questions or visit our Buy page to find a distributor near you!


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