• Published , by Tom Devine

Fiber Optics do not have the bandwidth restrictions we see with copper wiring. This allows for the distribution of completely uncompressed HDMI 2.0 signals. 4K with HDR at 18Gbps is no problem for this this extender!

​Since the launch of our first optical extender, the AC-EXO-444-KIT, we've received requests from customers asking for a completely uncompressed solution for long distance HDMI distribution. Well, the wait is over. AVPro Edge is now shipping our AC-EXO-UNC-KIT. This is a completely uncompressed signal extender, the HDMI input on the transmitter and HDMI output on the receiver are built with military stability. You can connect the transmitter and receiver with any single-mode or multi-mode fiber, giving you flexibility to run your own, or use the fiber the builders already have in the wall. 

Here is a diagram for connecting the AC-EXO-UNC-KIT:


ARC becomes a necessity as more end-users are running Netflix, Hulu and other streaming applications from their television's internal computer. When the display becomes the source we need a way to extract that audio for whole home distribution. The answer to that is Audio Return Channel, or ARC.

The AC-EXO-UNC-KIT is able to handle these ARC signals, here is a diagram for ARC:

Interested in the AC-EXO-UNC-KIT? Give us a call today at 877-886-5112! 


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