• Published , by Tom Devine

 In many homes, keeping the audio and video sources centralized is a benefit. However, if analog audio signals need to travel a longer distance, they may be susceptible to noise, such as EMI (electromagnetic interference), and signal attenuation.
The AC-AEX-KIT professional audio extender allows integrators to deliver uncompressed audio signals over 100 meters away from an audio source over CAT5e, or greater cabling. Using category cable allows for differential signaling protecting the audio signal from outside EMI and Noise, while passing the audio signal over a much greater distance than traditional means. Additionally, the AEX extenders can be used for individual mono channel extension on either of the RCA inputs. Such as feeding two active subwoofers the necessary LFE channels, bringing in impactful, immersive bass from a theater to a remote Audio Preprocessor or AVR.

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