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The Fresco 4 is a video wall processor able to handle 18Gbps 4K60 (4:4:4) through its 1 HDMI input and 4 HDMI outputs. Plug-and-play for a 4-panel video wall, or cascade multiple units for larger set ups.

The steps below outline how to connect and control the Fresco CAP 4 via the free PC software.

*Connection to displays is not required for setup

1.  Begin by setting a Device ID by putting down any of the first 4 dip-switches located on the fresco unit. To select a desired ID, simply refer to the table on the top of the unit.

2.  Download and Open the PC Software underneath the resource tab available here:

3.  Connect to the Unit using your connection of choice:

  • Network/LAN – Default IP Address (for help adjusting IP Address, click the connection help button
  • RS232 – 3 Pin Phoenix
  • Micro-USB – May Require USB Driver available under the resource tab available here:

4.  Select the “Connect to Fresco” button, if connection succeeds you will receive a green CONNECTED status and the Device ID and Unit type will fill in with the corresponding information.

5.  Select the “Continue to Measure Page” button

6.  Enter the measurements (in MM) of the display into each of the info panels, If all panels are the same you may copy from Display 1. Flipped Panels MUST have their Top and Bottom measurements switched to avoid bezel compensation errors.

​7.  Select the desired Output Resolution (Per Panel, 720p-4k60), then press the “Generate Video Wall” Button.

8.  To flip panels (if necessary) go to the Advanced Page and right click the desired output.

9. Lastly connect the Fresco to the Displays.

  • Output 1 = Top Left
  • Output 2 = Top Right
  • Output 3 = Bottom Left
  • Output 4 = Bottom Right

10. Viola, Your Video Wall is complete.


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