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​We have all been there, watching a presentation or PowerPoint, and the presenter puts up a detailed spreadsheet trying to show data, but no one can decipher what’s on-screen. The words are hard to see, everything is pixelated or too small, and you can’t concentrate on what is being said because you are too distracted by the poor quality of the presentation. It’s not a good place to be in, and as Audio Video experts, we need to set ourselves and our clients up for success.
This common problem has a simple solution, optimize your picture to show the best picture possible. Seems simple, but how do we do that?


Steps to optimizing your presentation system:

Step 1: Make sure you are starting with the best possible picture quality.

Set your source to output the highest quality image, this could include:
Changing an internal setting on a computer
Using EDID management to optimize the signaling coming from the source
4k 60hz refresh rate (4:4:4) 8-bit color is the most optimized signal available. The closer to this signal, the better.

Step 2: Make sure all your distribution components can handle the signals the sources are going to deliver

This means you need to test your infrastructure with high-resolution / high-bandwidth video. Ensure you have selected quality components and products to distribute your video signal. Some things to note:
Don't use wireless video distribution
Use stable equipment ready for high bandwidths
Use solid connection points for the video sources

Step 3: Make sure your room isn’t going to draw the listener away from the presentation space.

Set the room up for success:
Assure seating is not too far from the display
Follow AVIXA standard for display/screen location and size
Allow lighting control for projector systems

​Using quality products and AVIXA standards allows you to deliver a successful presentation that can capture someone’s attention and hold it. Clearly displaying the content should be the most straightforward tip you could give, unfortunately, if you have ever been on the receiving side of a presentation that is rarely that case.

​Go the extra mile and make sure your next installation that includes a presentation area is installed to perfection.

​AVPro Edge has a product line that perfectly fits this application, allowing you to send crisp 4K signals from computers, laptops, and even phones to large-scale, clear presentation spaces. ConferX is an expandable and interoperable solution that allows integrators to use these products in different variations to fit their install. 

The ConferX system includes connection points, signal switching system backbones, and receivers to decode signals at the display or projector. You can find the entire list of products here:
If you need help putting together your next design, don’t hesitate to utilize our team. We have professionals standing by that all specialize in high bandwidth audio-video signaling. ​


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