• Published , by Tom Devine

The AC-SC2-AUHD is a universal signal manager, up/down scaler and EDID manager that is fully UHD/4K/WCG/HDR 18Gbps capable. The SC2 is capable of audio de-embedding for audio distribution, and has built in test patterns for troubleshooting the display or the entire system. With built-in Image Enhancement you will have the peace of mind knowing that every display in the system is showing the best possible picture. All of this in a small, compact chassis that easily fits behind the display or wherever you’d like to hide it.

In a world of systems containing a mix of HD and UHD devices, integrators everywhere are having to make sacrifices to picture quality in distributed video systems. Let’s say that you have a sports bar with 4K set top boxes, and a mix of 4K, 1080p, 720p, and SD displays. Without the SC2, you would have to settle for watching your favorite content in the same resolution as the lowest resolution display in the system. The SC2 will be able to take the high bandwidth signals and bring them all the way down to 480p, or you can take 480p signals all the way up to 4K. Having issues with 1080i out of set top boxes? The SC2 has built in Adaptive Scaling Mode that will automatically convert anything lower than 1080p to 1080p or even 4K. 
Jason Dustal of AVPro Edge stated, “The SC2 will be a lifesaver for installers everywhere. I would have loved to have something this robust in my days in the field. Installers and calibrators everywhere should all have an SC2 on them at all times. It’s an inexpensive, perfect solution to a very common problem”.
For more information or to purchase the AVPro Edge AC-SC2-AUHD, please contact AVPro Edge at 877-886-5112 or visit


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