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AVPro is proud to present all new 16x16 HDBaseT matrix switchers including the world's first 16x16 HDBaseT matrix switch with built-in 7.1 channel downmixing. The AC-MX1616-AUHD-HDBT and AC-MX1616-AUHD-HDBT-AVDM (downmixing version) are the ideal solution for multi-zone setups in both homes and commercial settings.


The backbone of any video distribution inside a museum, office building, hospital or hotel is a stable matrix switcher. With the new 16x16 from AVPro Edge you are able to distribute 16 4K inputs to 16 different independent zones using a category cable infrastructure and HDBaseT technology. Bring your next installation to the forefront of technology with a 18Gbps 4K Matrix Switcher.

​The AC-MX1616-AUHD-HDBT features 8 mirrored HDMI outputs, volume control, built in downscalers, IR, RS-232 and LAN control options, advanced EDID management, full HDR support, independent audio matrixing and the list goes on.



The AC-MX1616-AUHD-HDBT-AVDM delivers all the features of the HDBaseT version but really makes this product special is the ability to downmix bitstream audio beyond 7.1 channel into a 2 channel audio signal via all 16 inputs.

This switch allows you to deliver 24+ channels to your Dolby Atmos home theater, at the same time it delivers 2 channel to the rest of the zones. We do this by allowing the downmixing to only affect the de-embedded audio outputs, the 8 mirrored HDBaseT & HDMI ports leave the audio unimpeded, allowing you to distribute full Dolby Atmos and DTS-X through them.

Supporting the full HDMI 2.0 a/b specification and supporting every flavor of HDR, this matrix will ensure you can get the most out of any system. The AC-MX1616-AUHD-HDBT-AVDM supports HDR formats Including HDR, HDR10, HDR10+, Dolby Vision, HLG, BBC and NHK.  All of them are supported in up to 4K 60Hz and up to 12 Bit Deep Color and all color space compression is compatible.

Give AVPro a call today to learn more about these unrivaled switchers, 877-885112 or visit their product pages, AC-MX1616-AUHD-HDBT and AC-MX1616-AUHD-HDBT-AVDM

Please note that demand for these matrix switchers is very high. If interested please contact AVPro Edge at 877-886-5112 to check availability or to be added to the waitlist as soon as possible.


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