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AVPro's 8k line-up of products is about to get even more robust.

Simply stated, the AVPro Edge AC-MX-88X is a classic transformed into an icon. Our engineers focused on reimagining the venerable AC-MX-88, boosting bandwidth to an ultra-wide 40Gbps with 8K input and output stages, for a world-first, Next-Gen 8 input / 8 output matrix switching platform providing a foundation for all possibilities that follow. “X ” marks the spot for high performance that is unmistakably AVPro Edge, as we once again redefine the face of the HDMI switching era. Gaming enthusiasts, rejoice - multiple inputs for multiple consoles! Select Xbox Series X, PlayStation 5, or your Alienware Aurora Ryzen by control system or from the supplied IR remote and leave the cable juggling to Cirque du Soleil. 

The AC-MX-88X, designed with the needs of Next-Gen users in mind, prepares your clients for tomorrow’s over-the-near-horizon signals, while ultra-wide bandwidth supplies sure-footed dynamic headroom for hiccup-free performance with HDMI 2.1a devices. With the unmatched pedigree of AVPro Edge behind it tradition never fails, as the AC-MX-88X lets you break convention and seek perfection.

Now shipping, this matrix will become your go to for 8K installations!


  • Perfect For AVR Bypass: Clients often take a measured approach to system upgrades and frequently the initial step is a television that accommodates the latest Next-Gen gaming console that was on every Christmas list. But many end-users soon become painfully aware their previous upgrade, an AVR for object-oriented surround-sound, is unable to pass the gaming console’s best image quality to the new display. Tasking the AC-MX-88X for video chores and bypassing the dated AVR, which otherwise remains perfectly viable for audio use, offers clients upgrade “breathing room” to system rebuild at their pace. An additional AVPro Edge product is required, however, and is key to accomplishing the workaround. An AC-SC-1X, inserted into the signal path between the switcher output that serves the television, stealthily contributes to the heavy lifting. AC-SC-1X faithfully passes video signals up to 8K 60Hz (4:2:0), as its secondary HDMI output downconverts the signal into a bandwidth range the AVR can contend with. Audio Freerun, an AVPro Edge exclusive and a feature of the AC-SC-1X, pairs the audio codec, including Dolby Atmos or DTS-X, with a static1080p test pattern to ensure the AVR does not lapse into sleep mode when absent a video signal at an HDMI input.  

  • Full HDR Support: As Hollywood becomes more adept at using HDR to augment storytelling, dynamic metadata in HDR content is pushing the color boundaries for compatible displays. AVPro Edge 8K devices repeat and passthrough HDR content retaining 100% of the fidelity in the signal. HDR, HDR10+, HLG, Dolby Vision and IMAX Enhanced are no challenge for AVPro Edge image-handling circuitry, delivering full color volume and accurate tone mapping metadata to connected displays.  

  • Stable HDMI Signal Transport: Output equalization and amplification precisely regulates feed forward equalization and finite impulse response, critical for accurate HDMI data transfer over long cable distances, preserving signal integrity, image fidelity, and audio quality.

  • Down Scaling: 8K to 4K plus 8K & 4K to 1080p down scaling is available at all eight outputs, assuring compatibility with mixed-HDMI version systems. Many matrix switcher brands award the lowest resolution signal with top honors based on EDID detection, forcing  a “dumbing down” of the entire distribution system to that signal level.  

  • AVPro Edge User Interface: Managing HDMI 2.1a signals is challenging. Interoperability between sources and displays, alternating signal types from content changes, and HDCP issues under Hollywood’s ever-watchful eye all cause labor-wasting havoc during installation fine-tuning. With an integrator’s mindset, AVPro Edge software engineers designed the new GUI to place easy-to-navigate, logical and efficient configuration power into an installer’s hands.

  • Precision EDID Management: With the new AVPro Edge GUI, HDMI EDID signal management is no longer the frustrating challenge previously proven to be. The GUI accesses 29 selectable EDIDs onboard the AC-MX-88X, including those related to problem-free HDR configurations, plus offers a “read” feature that learns an EDID from any connected display which may be applied to any/all input/s.

  • ​Built-In Test Pattern: Leave your Fox & Hound test kit behind in the shop? The unit features an internal test pattern generator, in combination with trouble-shooting diagnostic features inside the GUI, to corroborate infrastructure upstream and downstream from the matrix is intact, aiding with wire verification, switcher configuration settings, or source viability. Save unproductive labor hours of directionless detective work by identifying issues in advance.  Confidently leave worksites on schedule, conveying to clients installation expertise and successful system deployment. Technicians are available for work on scheduled new installs, not backtracking to projects which should already be wrapped up.

  • Dual Audio De-Embedding: Our unique Audio De-Embedding features the following:
    • A user may extract 2 Channel PCM audio from each output. (NOTE: the Analog Port only supports 2-CH PCM).
    • Eight digital optical Toslink outputs supporting 7.1CH LPCM, Dolby Digital, Dolby Digital Plus, DTS, and DTS Master Audio.
  • Extracted audio routing options include:
    • Bind to output (extracted audio swaps with the video, this is the default mode).
    • Bind to input (extracted audio is fixed to the corresponding input by the same number).
    • Independent (extracted audio is routed however integrators like and there are commands to allow it to function as a separate matrix).

  • Flexible Audio Adjustments: Integrators can individually tailor the sound for each extracted output with adjustments available for Volume level and left/right Balance, plus tame troublesome acoustic environments with a comprehensive, 10-band EQ. Audio delay provides lip-sync correction, varying from an off state to adjustment points starting at 90ms up through 630ms.  ​ 

  • Built-In Simple Video Switching Control: With Admin control, integrators can leave the user with limited access to GUI features, perfect for a scenario that may only require straightforward source switching with access to setup, diagnostics commands, audio adjustments, or EDID management unnecessary. 
  • Additional HDMI 2.1a Features: Variable Refresh Rate (VRR), Auto Low Latency Mode (ALLM) Quick Media Switching (QMS), Quick Frame Transport (QFT) Enhanced Audio Return Channel (eARC) and Source Based Tone Mapping (SBTM) are supported by both the AC-MX-88X and the AC-SC-1X. Display Stream Compression 1.2, another feature in HDMI 2.1a is not supported, as AVPro Edge uses our proprietary Invisible Compression Technology (ICT) which provides for signal transport and processing with minimal, lossless compression and hyper-precise image fidelity.  


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