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ConferX by AVPro Edge has a full solutions line-up including two unique conference room/classroom matrix switchers, the AC-CXMF62-AUHD and AC-CX84-AUHD!

Let's start with the Multi-Format 6x2 Matrixa six input, two output matrix switcher with VGA, HDBaseT, HDMI, and DisplayPort video inputs, with HDMI plus HDBaseT outputs. This 4K switch can display any of the six sources through both the HDBaseT and HDMI output port, both of which are independent of each other, allowing the user to show two sources simultaneously. With additional audio inputs and outputs, this product also works with microphone or intercom systems. Check out these applications...

​The ConferX 8x4 Matrix is an 8 input, 4 output HDMI/HDBaseT matrix switcher featuring Quick Switch technology. Using Quick Switch, a 4K/30 signal will switch in less than 3 seconds, while a 1080p signal will switch in less than 2 seconds. This 4K switch can display any of the eight inputs through both HDBaseT and HDMI output ports. All four of the outputs are completely independent from each other, allowing the user to show four sources simultaneously. 

The applications for this switch are truly endless, take a look at some of the solutions below:

Both switchers work seamlessly with the entire ConferX line-up to give every end-user a simplified experience for sharing ideas inside a classroom, conference room or huddle space.

Give us a call to make your next conference room or classroom a ConferX project, 877-886-5112!


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