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AVPro Edge’s easy-to-use solution for streaming live to YouTube, Facebook, and more!
This compact single-channel encoder can stream a video signal on any service such as YouTube, Facebook, Ustream, Church Streaming and more. Not only are you able to stream a video signal, but it gives you the ability to record directly to a SSD card at the same time. Impluse comes with an HDMI input and a SDI input, allowing you to use a wide verity of camera’s or sources. With AVPro Edge’s Impluse you can stream beautiful 1080p signals to anywhere in the world.

Streaming live content has never been easier. Simply connect the Impulse through its LAN port to the internet, connect a camera via HDMI or SDI, then configure your settings via any browser (on your phone, laptop, or desktop) and you are streaming to Facebook Live, Twitch, or YouTube. The Impulse is compact, easy to use, and most importantly it was built for one purpose; to stream/record the connected source.

Learn more about the limitless applications for the Impulse with this free download. Impulse is the perfect add-on for any installation...
- Bars & Restaurants
- House of Worship
- Hospitals
- Schools/Universities
- Content Creators


Register today for our November Webinar where we'll cover the Impulse and it's limitless applications. Join us on November 27, we'll be hosting two free sessions at 10 AM and 2 PM.  


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