• Published , by Tom Devine

How AVProEdge can Extend your USB Signals Alongside High Bandwidth A/V
KVM/HDMI extenders are products designed to increase the distance between a computer and its keyboard, monitor, mouse, and speakers. USB keyboard and mouse signals can travel about 5 meters under normal circumstances. High bandwidth video can be even shorter if not using the proper cabling. KVM extenders are a convenient solution to send these particular signals long distances over standard category cable. The primary purpose of KVM extenders is to provide point-to-point computer extension, limiting access to computers from remote locations.
Main Benefits for using KVM Extension from AVPro Edge:

  • Remote PC access: enable remote high-speed KVM alongside 18Gbps HDR video signals
  • Supports all signals from the latest laptops like the MacBook Pro and ThinkPads
  • Cleans up the workplace, leaving your customers with an ultra-clean finish
  • Secure computers in safeguarded locations: protect them from damage, technical failures or major power outages
  • Data access security: prevent content theft or network access by limiting hardware access

​ KVM/HDMI extenders provide HDMI and USB signal extension over long distances without compromising video quality. The AVPro Edge 444 extenders offer low latency or even real-time transmission without delays and compression artifacts that degrade the high-resolution viewing experience. These are the ideal solution for applications such as broadcast, high-end medical imaging, interactive digital signage, call centers, data centers, and even home theaters.
AVPro Edge solutions for extending HDMI and KVM:




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