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So much more than a receiver, the AC-EX70-SC2-R can ​distribute audio/video signals 70 meters over standard category cable and scale that signal's resolution from 480p to 4K and interlaced to progressive.

AVPro Edge's AC-EX70-SC2-R is the ideal solution for integrators who need to distribute a signal long distances to a variety of displays and keep an optimal picture. Integrators will enjoy the versatility of not only controlling up/down scaling but handling EDID issues (including 4K HDR EDID's) and being able to access audio from the stream. This HDBaseT receiver/scaler is ready for 18Gbps 4K HDR signaling. Yet, if you have 480, 720, or 1080 displays, the AC-EX70-SC2-R will make sure they're getting the resolutions and picture type you set.
This product works great alongside all of AVPro Edge's HDBaseT Matrix's Switchers to give your customers the best resolution possible. AVPro's Matt Murray said it best...

"The advanced scaling and handshake holding of this HDBaseT receiver makes the current line of HDBaseT Matrices appeal to more customers by allowing adaptive technology that matches the downstream device preferred video input and holding that resolution, no matter the incoming video sources. This eliminates “re-syncing” and makes video switching seamless and almost instant. It is ideal for intensive commercial applications, and HDR scaling support means it is perfect for a large residential deployment as well." - Matt Murray, CTO, AVPro Edge

There are several key benefits of using the AC-EX70-SC2-R including:

  • Full HDR Support
  • Fixed Output Up/Down Scaling
  • Interlaced to Progressive Scaling
  • Adaptive Scaling Mode
  • The Most Advanced EDID Management
  • L/R Audio De-Embedding
  • On-Board Troubleshooting

To learn more about this powerful receiver, give us a call today at 877-886-5112!


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