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A safe alternative to traditional fiber optic cable, custom cut to length for you! Fiber Optic cables are used every day to carry data around the world, now use that same technology in your next audio/video installation.
Video distribution is taking up more and more bandwidth, sometimes more than what copper wire methods can handle, and at longer distances. To accommodate the high bandwidth needed to pass high quality video, many are choosing fiber optics. Fiber Optic cable has much more bandwidth than copper, and because it doesn’t pass along power, it’s much harder to disrupt the signal. Bullet Train manufactures HDMI cables specifically built to handle 18Gbps signaling. Now along with Cleerline SSF™, we are taking that same technology over to fiber optic cabling. Bullet Train Fiber Optic Cable is OM3 (perfect for video distribution) and Duplex (has two fiber optics strands). There is no need to sort through the hundreds of different styles of fiber, Bullet Train carries the best version for video distribution applications.
Bullet Train Fiber Optics are composed of two strands of our fiber optics each with an individual 3mm riser jacket protecting it. The Duplex jackets are connected when you receive the cables, but are easily separated to make two individual fiber optic cables. This fiber is perfect for audio/video but can also be used in data communication and other fiber optic applications. Bullet Train Fiber Optics is extremely durable, it provides up to 10,000 times the bend insensitivity of traditional fiber. 

Feature List:
  • Zipcord construction - easy to separate strands
  • High mechanical strength, superior fatigue (nD = 30)
  • Compatible with common connector systems for 50/125 multimode fibers
  • Up to 10,000 times the bend longevity of traditional fiber
  • Bullet Train Fiber Optic strands have a unique coating that provides glass protection
  • Increased safety due to incredible bend insensitivity
  • 250 μm Soft Peel acrylate 

Take the guess work out of fiber with Bullet Train Fiber Optics:

Step 1: Choose your Distance
Bullet Train offers any size fiber optic cables, custom cut to the length you need. Need fiber for pre-wiring? You can also purchase a full 1000 ft roll!

Step 2: Choose your Ends
SC, LC or None. Select the ends based on the product you are using. 

That's it! We will custom cut your fiber, terminate the ends and ship it all directly to you!

​For more information on Bullet Train Fiber Optics give us a call at 877-886-5112!


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