• Published , by Tom Devine

AVPro's latest 8k product is a 1x4 distribution amplifier that is far from a simple D.A. The AC-DA-14X is an 8K HDMI distribution amplifier, scaler, and signal stabilizer. It connects one HDMI source and repeats that signal throughout the 4 HDMI output ports. 

Output ports two and four have built-in scalers allowing users to connect legacy TVs, projectors, or AVRs. Introducing an 8K display and gaming console is the norm in many of today’s installations. With this product, you can do just that without having to upgrade your AVR. Scaling allows you to take 8K down to 4K or 1080p and 4K down to 1080p. Now you can send 8K signals to the connected 8K displays and a 4K or 1080p signal to older models. 

Full HDMI 2.1, FRL 40Gbps, and HDR support ensure maximum stability in distributed HDMI systems, even with the newest sources. You can comfortably use all of the latest 8K sources without worrying about headroom with the added bandwidth. Finally, advanced EDID management allows users to select from 16 different settings. This enhances your ability to get the right signal throughout the system and ensures communication with any 3rd party device. Check out these features and more on the new AC-DA-14X.


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