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​AVPro Edge, along with our entire industry, is bummed to be missing InfoComm this year, but that doesn’t mean that we don’t have some exciting video distribution products to share with the professional integrator. Each year at InfoComm, AVPro Edge looks forward to integrators walking through our physical booth and getting hands-on with our latest solutions. Since we can’t get together this year we are creating a full three days of daily, live demonstrations that we will host via YouTube, Facebook, Instagram and our website.
Join us June 16th, 17th, and 18th as we come in live from our R&D space in Sioux Falls South Dakota. In order to join the fun, you need to be following us on our social media accounts, you can find them here:


​We also will have our official InfoComm page that will link to all our activities. Here you can request meetings and find out some general knowledge about AVPro Edge. In order to get all the great features from this year’s online InfoComm, make sure you still register here:


Our cameras are set up, our mics are connected, we are ready to go live, and answer all the questions you have on anything AVPro. Here is a little taste of what we will be showing June 16-18, 2020. 

ConferX Wall Plate HDBaseT Transmitters
These single gang wall plate transmitters are the perfect connection point for and HDMI, VGA, DisplayPort or USB-C audio video signals. These transmitters can distribute the signal over standard category cable up to 100 meters. You can then take that signal and share it with everyone in the room through whatever local projectors or displays you have connected to your system. 


Fresco Cap 4 (Plus Teaser of the Fresco Cap 9) - Video Wall Processing Made Easy
Building a video wall has never been easier, with Fresco video wall processors you can connect any HDMI source to the unit and it will automatically produce a 2x2 plug and play video wall. With Fresco video walls you can use any monitor or display on the market, no need to use high end commercial panels when there isn’t enough room in the budget. 


KVM extension with PTZ camera - 40 Plus
HD and 4K security cameras with Pan, Tilt, Zoom capabilities are becoming common place in many installations. How do you control the camera and still deliver high quality video? The answer is the AC-EX40-444-PLUS. This balun can send 4K video from the camera to the control monitor and commands from the control monitor to the camera at the same time on a single CAT 6 twisted pair.


Fox & Hound HDMI Testing
You have connected your entire audio/video distribution system, you power on the source and the displays, and………you get no picture. What do you do next? How do you find the problem? You have to recheck 100 connection points and cables, make sure there isn’t a problem with some piece of hardware, this can take a lot of time. With Fox & Hound from Murideo you no longer need to waste countless hours looking for the problem and hoping you come across it. The Fox & Hound allows you to test HDMI runs and find the problem areas quick, allowing you to move on to the next job, and the next pay day. 


​Headroom in Video Distribution & Matrix Switchers - Installing for the future 
AVPro Edge’s engineers started developing HDMI testing equipment before we ever made distribution equipment. Because we test at the maximum specs of HDMI 2.0, our distribution products meet that same spec. This allows you to be fully ready for full bandwidth 4K, something being adopted at a fast rate around the world. During this demo we will look at our matrix switchers and how we design with the integrator in mind, building pieces that can stand the test of time. 
AVPro and InfoComm are excited to host an unconventional type of convention. Thanks for joining. 


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