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Cloud 9 is AVPro Edge's stable alternative to HDMI over IP. The Cloud 9, AC-MX9XHDL-HDBT, is a unique piece of hardware that allows integrators to utilize nine inputs to distribute to virtually limitless outputs with cascading capability by adding or stacking additional units.

Get everything you love from AV over IP and more with none of the headaches.  Features include matrix-able quad-view, 9-source multi-view, Actual Instant Matrix Switching (AIMS), IR & RS-232 control of the displays, and more.
 The Cloud 9 is FPGA chip based. These chips coupled with our proprietary engineering and programing technology makes this a unique and extremely robust matrix.

Ma​tt Murray stated, “We set out to find a way to provide massive distribution with uncompressed video alongside robust features like instant switching, multi-view and video wall capabilities while maintaining the reliability and longevity of tried and true HDBaseT technology.”


  • AIMS (Actual Instant Matrix Switching): Seamless switching of all sources to any display
  • ​Multi-view: Built-in both 2x2 and 3x3 is available to any output to maximize large displays and projectors to display multiple content streams
  • Audio Routing: Built-in complete audio matrix allowing the integrator to route audio from any source to any output zone/display
  • No Latency: Zero latency from input to output when using live sources
  • RS-232: Bi-directional control switch and remote devices with complete RS-232 routing.
  • IP: Control built-in with Web Interface and PC Control Software plus custom control systems available with CANVAScsi
  • IR: IR routing and control of the matrix and displays
  • Automation/3rd Party Control: Professional documented drivers for Control 4, RTI, Elan, Crestron and On Controls and robust API for customized automation and control
  • PoH: The option to provide power to receivers from the main switch
  • Uncompressed video: The Cloud 9 is not visually lossless, it is actually lossless


The Cloud 9 has many commercial applications including bars, restaurants, bowling alleys, churches, schools, retail signal distribution, digital signage and more. It is ideal for low to no maintenance setups and is a quick and efficient installation option for larger AV systems because no network switch is required. With a design catered specifically to cascading, it is ideal for large installations.


Built specifically for the Cloud 9, an ultra-slim 150 Meter HDBaseT Receiver. 


A 150M HDBaseT Receiver with video wall capabilities for custom layouts up to 3x3. 



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