• Published , by Tom Devine

Big changes are coming to the AC-MX-42 this July. Through a new, OTA-available firmware update, this switch is gaining a ton of new features.
Our best-selling 4X2 matrix switcher will gain priority switching. This will simplify the client user experience by enabling auto-switching when an input is connected (or even disconnected).  Check out all these new features:
Priority Switching (Auto-Switch Mode)
  • When the AC-MX-42 is in Auto-Switch Mode, Priority Switching can be enabled.
  • Priority Switching sets hierarchy per output, allowing you to designate favored inputs, preventing overtaking by lower priority inputs.
  • Perfect as a Conference Room solution when remote connections might need priority over local input sources.
Fallback Input (Auto-Switch Mode)
  • When the AC-MX-42 is in Auto-Switch Mode, the Fallback Input can be enabled.
  • Fallback Input allows forced output of a desired input when the current active input is disconnected.
  • A use example might be returning to an input with a corporate logo or, digital signage information when the source input is disconnected.
EDID Blend (Web GUI/EDID Management)
  • Allows creation of custom EDIDs by combining video capabilities from one source with audio capabilities from another.
  • A custom, blended EDID unlocks the full potential of your system, eliminating the “bottleneck” EDID incompatibilities often create.


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