• Published , by Tom Devine

What is your Name and your roll at AVPro Global Holdings?  Brad Miller, Technical Service Manager AKA Expert of Fun !!

What's you favorite Color?  Gray  

What's your favorite food?  Cheetos

What do you like about working at AVPro?  Going to work and not hating it !! We have a great culture.  Everyone is able to communicate well and we have fun getting work done.

From your point of view, how is AVPro different from other places you worked?  Ownership/Upper management understands that everyone needs a good balance of work and personal life.  We are treated and taken care of the best a company could possibly do !!

What has been your best “moment” since working with AVPro?  Really hard to sum up my three and half years here with one moment.  I have many.  An experience that stands out would be my trip to ISE last year

AVPro Operates out of South Dakota, what the best and worst part of living in the 605?  We get a bad rap for our extreme weather which can suck, but also be awesome.  There are lots of restaurants and things to do if you put forth a little effort. But yes the cold blows 😊

If you had it your way, what is one thing you would change with the professional audio video world?  Knowledge and Effort.  There is so much going on that it's hard to keep up with all the advancements, changes and differences with equipment.  Doing it daily it's hard to keep up.  Doing a little research most things can get figured out.  A little help form everyone’s favorite pocket distraction….Google

What is your favorite Consumer Electronic? Pixel 4XL and Nintendo Switch

We hear you recently had your third kid, how do you balance being a dad, a husband and AVPro Tech Specialist? Yes apparently I can’t miss !!

Life is great !! I have an amazing wife who works hard and keeps me in line.  It’s a challenge with 3 kids under the age of 5 but we manage and do well in my opinion.  Wouldn’t trade it for anything !!


Brad Miller, Expert of Fun


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