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The AVPro Employee Highlight section is a new way for you to get to know our AVPro Family. Let's get to know Cassie!

What is your Name and your roll at AVPro Global Holdings?
Cassie Sichmeller, Technical Customer Service Manager
What’s you favorite Color?
What’s your favorite food?
What do you like about working at AVPro?
AVPro is a family driven company that takes care of you like family. They reward you well and strive to be the best on every level of taking care of a customer. It is a wonderful work environment that is safe and fun. Our technical team is growing and always finding new ways to gain knowledge and experience. With a strong focus on training and learning, I get to travel several times a year to trainings and shows which keeps my drive to learn and grow very high. Oh, and our owners are the best in the world!
From your point of view, how is AVPro different from other electronic manufactures?
AVPro is not a cookie cutter company. We are taking the experience of several long-time business professionals in several different spaces and using our past strengths and weaknesses to grow as ever changing and unique business. No idea is a bad idea and the path less traveled is always the best one. With actual engineering only a call away, we are able to solve problems and address industry voids fast and accurately. The internal teamwork is top notch and a joy to be part of. If you say that the secret to a great meal is loving to cook, then we have the secret ingredient here at AVPro. I am surrounded by people that love their job. With so many things in the world being uncertain it is refreshing to know that I will put my all into AVPro today and tomorrow and forever.
What has been your best “moment” since working with AVPro?
For one of my first shows I was able to sit down for a dinner with some of our engineers. Between eating gator tail bites and talking AV with the real pros that really care and love this business. In one night, I fell in love with AV and have never looked back.
You head up your team based in South Dakota?
Our technical team is growing and striving to learn more all the time so we can be a better resource for our dealers. My responsibility is the customer support side of it and that is where I shine. When I was younger, I started busing tables at the VFW. It was amazing because several generations of people came to converse and loved chatting with the help. I worked hard and was rewarded for it, I also worked for my first great boss of many to come. Customer service was my first job and has been the main part of every job I have had since. In my previous career as a barber I went from working in a salon to managing one to owning my own. There are so many things that have positively shaped me in my professional life that have all led me to this.


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