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Many of today’s conference room and presentation settings allow anyone to share their laptop screens with colleagues or attendees. In-room TVs or projectors can display the presenter's PowerPoint, website or video creating a setting ideal for open communication. The last thing on the presenter's mind should be the audio/video equipment in the room. In these situations everything just needs to work, period.

When working with wireless solutions computers can become a real problem. Each presenter can have a different type of computer and each one acts a little different which can cause hiccups. These “hiccups” can come from the computer not recognizing the connection, not having the correct sharing firmware, or most likely with new laptops, the system not being able to handle the higher bandwidth 4K video signal that the computer is outputting.

AVPro Edge’s solution is the ConferX line-up of HDBaseT Wall Plate Transmitters. Our first release is the mini DisplayPort and HDMI input version. The AC-CXWP-MDP-T is ready to help you share your presentation via the mini DisplayPort and/or HDMI inputs. Because of the sleek, single gang design, you are able to install it discreetly in the wall or table. Also, because this is a hard wired solution, you will not run into issues when working with different laptops.

Why Mini DisplayPort?

Many of today’s laptops feature mini DisplayPort as the video output option. The reason computer manufactures use mini DisplayPort is because it is smaller than HDMI and doesn’t have to carry HDCP (content protection). Apple uses it widely under the name "Thunderbolt and Lenovo, Dell, HP, Microsoft and Acer all have laptop models with mini DisplayPort as the only video output option.

Along with the mini DisplayPort input is a HDMI input port for all other sources or computers. These input ports are switchable and auto-sensing allowing two users to be connected at the same time. The user who connected most recently will be the one presenting. There is an input select button on the unit as well allowing users to toggle between the inputs.

This product works great with 4K projectors or commercial displays that have a HDBaseT input port. For a complete kit that includes a HDBaseT Rx unit we have 70 meter and 100 meter sets available. For more information on the AC-CXWP-MDP-T please visit it’s product page.

If you would like a quote on this unit please give us a call at 605-274-6055.


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