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Video walls catch the eye, there is no doubt about it! The want for larger screens is real; we have seen TV screen size increase immensely over the last 10 years. Video walls allow you to drastically increase your customer viewing size and add a MAJOR wow factor to the installation. ​Video wall TV's can be expensive; they are commercial grade and are built for signage and infographics. AVPro Edge is presenting the residential audio/video market with another solution! Enter the Fresco CAP 9 from AVPro Edge! ​The AC-FRESCO-CAP-9 is a 3x3 video wall processor built to make things easier on the integrator. Great news, you can use any display with an HDMI port to set up the wall! Even better, the Fresco CAP 9 supports full HDR and Dolby Vision content you find from films, tv shows, and video games. If you are not familiar with Dolby Vision, you will want to be:


Dolby Vision is the brand name for a high dynamic range (HDR) 4K video format developed and promoted by the folks that brought us Dolby Surround and all its subsequent permutations. To use the Dolby Vision logo on a TV or Blu-ray player, manufacturers must pay to certify their products and license the name. The Dolby HDR format is also used in video production, making it a professional as well as a consumer brand.

​As a refresher, HDR was introduced as a way for TVs to display more colors (by increasing the color gamut) and more-intense colors (by boosting specific brightness levels). Before HDR, sets were limited by an old video specification for HDTV known as Rec. 709, which was based on technical limitations going back to the '90s.

Today's LCD and OLED panels have the capacity to display many more colors than older sets, but they didn't have a way to reach their full potential until HDR came along.

This Video Wall Processor allows integrators to install video walls inside luxury homes while displaying Dolby Vision and HDR content throughout. With one HDMI input and nine HDMI outputs, you can set up video walls in 2x2, 3x3, or even two simultaneous 2x2 configurations. Set up is easy, and you can use any type of TV you want. With so many consumer panels having small bezels, they now make for great video walls. 
The Fresco CAP 9 can work with any matrix switcher, any distribution amplifier, any extender, or any other HDMI 2.0 product.
Here are some ways to set up your video wall:

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