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Welcome to the all new Distributor Spotlight. Here we would like to shed some light on our awesome distributors who always go the extra mile. This month we talk to BlackWire out of Phoenix, AZ.

What is BlackWire?
An A/V distributor known for its exceptional customer support, product knowledge, software development, and snacks.
Where are you located?
Phoenix, AZ
How did BlackWire get its start?
BlackWire was formed in 2009 and was primarily focused on programing support and network configuration services. We then realized there was a need for better supporting integrators in the field dealing with complex networking systems. From there, we wrote software and devised processes to make installs easier.

BlackWire has grown past networking and offers a full range of products from speakers, to IoT devices, access points, as well as great video distribution systems such as AVPro Edge.

How are you different than other CE distributors?
When you purchase from BlackWire, you also receive unmatched customer support and extensive product knowledge. We are former technicians who have spent many hours in the field. Our goal is to provide not just a product, but a service to both residential and commercial dealers to ensure their installs goes smoothly.
In addition, BlackWire aggressively pursues software integration with nearly every product we offer. If there is not a driver available, we develop one for the industry. We also like to make sure integrators never go hungry on the job site by offering snacks with every shipment.
You seem to have very specific offerings as far the brands you carry, what is that a brand selection process like for BlackWire?
Our team monitors feedback that we receive from dealers working in the field, and use that information to source best-in-class products. We then thoroughly test all devices before we consider offering them to ensure we are recommending a high-quality product. If there is a need for additional instructions or integrations, we develop and provide those. We are proud to offer some of the best, premium brands found in the market.

Support seems to play an important role for BlackWire, not many distributors do tech support, how did this come to be?
We were founded by integrators, for integrators. We know what they need in the field and are familiar with the day-to-day job site pressures they face. Our goal is to ensure dealers are able to quickly and efficiently install the products we sell. We accomplish this by shipping products with the latest firmware updates, provide project-specific documentation, and label complicated systems for a plug-and-play install. We also offer free overnight and express saver shipping on AVPro Edge products, ensuring that dealers have what they need exactly when they need it.

​BlackWire backs up what we sell with superior support, including after-hours and weekends. We want to make sure a dealer is able to resolve an issue and is not left high and dry on the job site.

Where do you see the industry going over the next 3 years?
Because of COVID, we believe there is going to be a convergence of residential and commercial work here in the States. We’ve seen many dealers on the commercial side branching into residential and vice versa. In response, we have tried to bring on more product lines to better support both types of dealers.
How does this industry look 10 years from now from the value-added distributors perspective?
In 10 years, there will be a more cohesive ecosystem between A/V products and smart home technologies that is built directly into the home instead of added later. It will be our job to monitor this progress and provide the best products and support for our dealers during this transition.

What steps have you taken to ensure safe business during the COVID19 pandemic?
We have severely limited the number of people going into the office, and everyone who is able to work remotely has been doing so since March. We’ve also recently begun adding a mask with every shipment (while supplies last) so our customers don’t find themselves on a jobsite without one. We also offer no contact, local pickup, including after-hours and weekend scheduling.
What are BlackWire’s goals over the next 5 years?
We plan to continue to expand with product lines and software services that help the industry.
Anything else about BlackWire that you would like to share?
Optimus Prime, our Labrador Retriever, is BlackWire’s best office helper. He enjoys shredding boxes for recycling and helps double-check orders.


AVPro Edge, Bullet Train Cables and Murideo Test and Measurement Equipment can be purchased nationwide through BlackWire. For more information please visit www.blackwiredesigns.com or call 888-316-8921.

Thank you to BlackWire for being a great AVPro Partner!


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