• Published , by Tom Devine

Football, basketball, hockey, baseball, and so many other sporting events are what bring people out of their homes to enjoy time around other fans watching their favorite teams play. Providing that ideal setting for people is what a sports bar was built to do.

In this Case Study, we show how Deuces Sports Bar and Grill was transformed into a place any sports fan will be excited to visit.  

​A stable alternative to AV over IP, the Cloud 9: 9x9 HDBaseT Matrix and Multi-Viewer was made for cascading to allow limitless outputs by adding additional units. It also features instant switching and multi-view functions.

The Cloud 9 produces actual lossless images on screen, making it ideal for low to no maintenance setups. This is a quick and efficient installation option for larger AV systems because no network switch is required. In addition, you have access to dual, front panel color screens to further simplify the setup process. Features of the Cloud 9 include matrixable quad-view, 9-source multi-view, Actual Instant Matrix Switching (AIMS), IR & RS-232 control of the displays, matrixable audio, and more.


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