• Published , by Tom Devine

AVPro Edge’s Evolution II AC-MXNET-1G-EV2 encoder and AC-MXNET-1G-DV2 decoder arrive amidst a flurry of qualitative improvements targeting video performance.

Selecting a newly designed application-specific integrated circuit (ASIC) featuring native support for 4K/60fps 4:4:4 signals (RGB and YCbCr @10- and 12-bit), AVPro Edge engineers made customized refinements to the software-based encoding/decoding video engines, resulting in greatly enhanced image fidelity for motion-related and static-based content.
AVPro Edge algorithm advancements enable the Evolution II duo to collaborate on eliminating intraframe smear, which materializes as a tendency for detail to blur when lossy compression advances into higher compensatory ratios. With motion-related content, edge transitions remain tight and free from “bloating”, with overall image definition crisp, void of the appearance of focus hunt, the sensation of having large background areas begin to lose clarity as motion heightens, then snap back into focus as motion quells, similar to an auto-focus lens unable to lock onto a subject and continuing to slightly alter the size of objects as it attempts to settle in.

The residential integration market will not only appreciate a more cinematic feel to movies but especially will embrace the precision look to live sports telecasts. 

​AVPro engineers also placed an intense degree of emphasis on ensuring static content would equally benefit from the new ASIC and are immensely pleased with their results, as will be the commercial integration market.

Discrete cosine transform (DCT) artifacts like ringing, which looks like echoed outlines to text, smudging, similar in appearance to the out of focus look described above and macroblocking, where subtle details end up pixelating and a solid color or a white background behind text appears to have areas where block-like arrays accentuate themselves within the background, were the subject of intense engineering resources to dramatically reduce if not completely usher their ouster. Occurrences of posterization, an anomaly where finely detailed color transitions lose their gradient boundaries and “melt” together (also referred to as banding), have been substantially diminished to the point of elimination when content is correctly delivered.

Left: MXNet 1G Right: MXNet 1G Evolution II


Left: MXNet 1G Right: MXNet 1G Evolution II

The painstaking ministrations optimizing the IC to precisely render data has paid off handsomely, benefiting educational, medical, governmental and industrial applications that command meticulous image fidelity. Information-disseminating public displays, particularly airport arrival and departure screens, sports book and off-track betting facilities, plus restaurant/retail environments where clouded information is unacceptable, overwhelmingly will welcome the elevation of clarity plus detail retention found in these next-level AVPro Edge products. Commercial integrators will soon find the new MXNet Evolution II encoder and decoder to be assets their product portfolios cannot afford to be without.

MXNet products are fully backed by the AVPro Edge 10-year, no hassle warranty, while our state-of-the-art Tech Support team guarantees you are never on site alone.


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