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The ideal audio/video distribution system for classrooms and conference rooms needs to be able to host presentations from a variety of sources - whether it’s a laptop, tablet, or phone. The connection needs to be quick and easy. With an ever-expanding bounty of operating systems, all processing differently, that task is a daunting one. ConferX offers a solution to this equation.

ConferX allows you to connect most sources through HDMI, USB-C, VGA and DisplayPort input ports. Once connected, the user can share their screen to any of the connected displays. Depending on your audio needs, you can also distribute and amplify the audio signal with independent audio control for each of the rooms. Audio auto-ducking features allow interoperability with pre-existing intercom systems alongside the newest 4K and multi-channel signals available.

To easily piece together your next ConferX System, we have built this step by step guide for selecting the correct products to meet your needs and AVPro standards.

Step 1: Gather the Needs of the Installation
This is the universal step for just about any project but one that can’t be overlooked. In order to put together a successful installation, the integrator needs to understand the needs and wants of the end user. This is where you will determine how many independent zones are needed, how many displays and speakers are in each zone, as well as where presenters will need to get connected.

​Step 2 - Choose The Transmitter
Luckily, ConferX offers many choices for getting sources connected to the system. We have under the table connection solutions for discrete permanent sources, as well as sleek, low profile wall plates that fit into any standard mud-ring.

  • Under the Table Input HDBaseT Transmitter - AC-CXTT-AUHD-T
  • In-Wall HDMI HDBaseT 4K Transmitter - AC-CXWP-HDMO-T
  • In-Wall USB-C & HDMI HDBaseT 4K Transmitter - AC-CXWP-USBC-T
  • In-Wall Mini DisplayPort & HDMI HDBaseT 4K Transmitter - AC-CXWP-MDP-T
  • In-Wall VGA & HDMI HDBaseT 4K Transmitter - AC-CXWP-VGA-T


Step 3 - Select the Backbone (Switcher)
The backbone of every conference room needs to able to take in 4K video and multi-channel audio and direct them to the correct displays and audio systems completely independent of each other. To do this, ConferX has developed a wide range of choices for your next installation, each of which is able to handle the newest resolutions and audio codec’s being output from the latest computers and phones available.

  • Two Input HDMI/HDBaseT Switch and Amplifier - AC-CX100-RAMP
  • Four Input HDMI/HDBaseT Matrix Switch - AC-CX42-AUHD
  • Six Input HDMI/HDBaseT Matrix Switch - AC-CX62-AUHD
  • Eight Input HDMI/HDBaseT Matrix Switch - AC-CX84-AUHD


Step 4 - Choose the Receivers
Your receiver choices depend on how far you need to separate your backbone from the display, for short distances the 40 meter receiver will distribute your 4K signal just fine, but for ultra long runs you may need to go with the 100 meter option. Installing speakers in the room? Go with the AC-CX100-RAMP, even though it can be used as the backbone for a conference room, at it’s low price point you are able to use it as your receiver. This will allow you to connect speakers directly to the AC-CX100-RAMP and distribute amplified audio.​

  • 70 Meter HDBaseT 4K Receiver
  • 100 Meter HDBaseT 4K Receiver
  • 100 Meter HDBaseT 4K Receiver and Audio Amplifier


Single Zone Perfect Package
Still not sure what to get? Don’t worry, this package will ensure you will be set up for an excellent, easy to use conference room or classroom.

  • (X1) AC-CXWP-MDP-T
  • (X1) AC-CX62-AUHD
  • (X2) AC-CX100-RAMP

This ConferX solution allows for you to connect four amplified speakers and up to four displays in each zone, then connect almost every modern laptop, phone and tablet. We want to help you plan your next installation, give us a call today to discuss all the possibilities!


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