• Published , by Tom Devine

​When it comes to testing cables, the Fox and Hound is a great tool to assure your cables are ready for install – BEFORE the install. The Fox & Hound features an easy to use Cable test that gives the technician simple information about Key Channels, Power, and Hot Plug Detect.

​While you can try to avoid all errors, some happen, and the Fox & Hound can turn a head scratcher into a quick service job.
If you use Bullet Train AOC cables, they come with the added benefit of a 4 strand OM2 micro distribution fiber, that can easily be terminated for field use if a cable goes out, or just needs to be repurposed. Bullet Train Active Optical Cables allow us to extend HDMI signals over greater distances than passive copper cables. With AOC, we benefit from their resistance to EMI/RFI and reduced latency.
Check out our full video below where we will review Fox & Hound testing as well as the termination of an AOC HDMI cable!


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