• Published , by Tom Devine

Cleerline SSF Fiber Optics is one of AVPro Edge's most longstanding partners. Our companies had many of the same goals focused on moving beyond the perceived limits of A/V and driving the market forward to help integrators years down the road. As a result, we combined forces to push technology forward in the video distribution sector for integrators.

Today, we are using Cleerline's Fiber Optics inside all our Bullet Train HDMI Cables and developing Fiber optic solutions for HDMI extension and switching that will be available this year! 

A note from Cleerline:

Cleerline Technology Group provides complete solutions for every fiber optic installation. Whether your installation is in a commercial environment or a residential dwelling, Cleerline has the fiber optic components you need. From unique fiber optic cable to connectors, termination tools, enclosures, and more, Cleerline is Fiber Optics Redefined. Learn more at www.cleerlinefiber.com.


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