• Published , by Tom Devine

The AVPro Edge engineering team is pleased to announce that in response to your requests, updates for the MXNet 1G firmware and control system drivers and modules have been released! These updates enable bi-directional RS-232 communication between equipped endpoint devices (such as video displays) and control systems. Sending, and receiving, RS232 data to remote endpoints has never been easier!

The much-anticipated Crestron module update adds RS-232 feedback from enabled devices to Crestron, via serial signals allowing for programmers to take advantage of device feedback or updates from external user input.

The Control4 driver also saw a big boost in functionality, with an update providing bi-directional RS-232 feedback to other drivers via the serial connection routing, allowing on-site physical connections to be identically represented in programming. Now feedback will be passed directly through the MXNet ecosystem into our driver, and from the driver directly to the connected device driver based on the routing as shown in the Connection tab of Composer.

We know these updates have been eagerly awaited and please know we appreciate your patience during their development. Please continue to provide excellent feedback and suggestions as they will contribute to make MXNET a more powerful tool for you and your clients. 

To download these updates, please go to: https://support.avproedge.com/portal/en/kb/avpro-edge/general 


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