• Published , by Tom Devine

As HDMI 2.1 becomes more and more prevalent, the team at AVPro Edge is making sure you are ready. More than how many pixels are on screen, HDMI 2.1 carries major benefits for the custom installer.

​This is why we are hosting a free HDMI 2.1 class at every CEDIA Tech Summit this year. With stops so far in New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania and Virginia, this class has been full of eager installers ready to learn how to take their installs into the future. 

The objectives of this class are the following: 

  • Have a better understanding of how HDMI Distribution works with HDMI 2.1
  • Have a clear understanding of how to distribute HDMI 2.1 signals in real world settings
  • Understand the “whys” and “hows” needed to work properly with high bandwidth video signaling. 
  • Understand how HDMI 2.1 distribution differs from HDMI 2.0

We will also cover all of the "Buzz Words" and what they mean - FRL, VRR, eARC, HFR, CDS, ALLM and HDR. 

CEDIA Tech Summits are happening all over the country throughout 2022, see the schedule below. We hope to see you in one of our classes!

  • May 24: CEDIA Tech Summit - Atlanta, GA (Register)
  • May 26: CEDIA Tech Summit - Charlotte, NC (Register)
  • June 9: UK CEDIA Tech Summit - Edinburgh, England with Aldous Systems
  • June 21: UK CEDIA Tech Summit - London, England with Aldous Systems
  • September 8: CEDIA Tech Summit - Toronto, ON, CA (Register)
  • October 18: CEDIA Tech Summit - Denver, CO (Register)
  • November 1: CEDIA Tech Summit - Irvine, CA (Register)
  • November 3: CEDIA Tech Summit - Woodland Hills, CA (Register)
  • December 6: CEDIA Tech Summit - Tampa, FL (Register)
  • December 8: CEDIA Tech Summit - Ft. Lauderdale, FL (Register)


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