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Audiosales manages distribution for AVPro Edge products in the Italian marketplace. Recently, a customer of theirs had the opportunity to deploy AVPro Edge’s AV-over-IP solution, MXNet, as part of the installation for a client considered one of the world’s most storied franchises. Marini Music Service was called upon to create a rocking and rolling setting for the new Hard Rock Cafe in Verona, Italy, known romantically as “The City of Love”.
Not only did Marini Music Service wish to present Verona Hard Rock patrons with a vibrant, immersive audioscape, their aim was for an equally premium visual experience. Interior walls are arrayed with musical instruments and memorabilia from iconic solo artists such as Elton John and legendary groups like Pearl Jam, while concert footage and fabled videos on strategically placed TVs stir bookmarked memories for life’s chapters passed by. Martin Audio Ltd., working in tandem with advice from Audiosales, selected AVPro Edge’s MXNet AV-over-IP solution for video distribution requirements. Hard Rock Cafe Verona is able to display various clips throughout the venue from an elegantly simplified control system, unified with the MXNet Control Box.
A Dante audio-driven, Martin Audio Ltd. speaker system, fortifies the remainder of the installation. Clean dynamic audio, coupled with tantalizing vivid image quality displayed via MXNet throughout the cafe, sweeps Hard Rock customers young and old away from the rigors of normal life, if only for an evening, landing them in fifth row center, primed for the evening’s rock concert.
The Technical Part:
Video was encoded by the AVPro Edge MXNet ecosystem, distributed across the venue and decoded at each display, providing matrixing flexibility and device interoperability for any HDMI signal source,  directed to any monitor. All source devices communicated through MXNet’s networking topology, including all connected Dante devices, utilizing the same network switches.
MXNet System Components:
(1) AC-MXNET-CBOX - A/V Switching Control Processor
(1) AC-MXNET-SW24 - 24-port Network Switch functioning as network backbone
(1) AC-MXNET-SW10 - 10-port Network Switch providing additional ports
(7) AC-MXNET-1G-E - A/V source system Encoders
(7) AC-MXNET-1G-D - A/V source system Decoders (connected to television monitors)
More information about the AVPro Edge MXNet ecosystem can be found here.


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