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AVPro Edge has partnered with Allnet Distributing and Volutone to grow distribution network throughout the Midwest and California.

Sioux Falls, S.D. - AVPro Edge, an AVPro Global Holdings company, is proud to announce the expansion of their distribution network with the addition of Allnet Distributing and Volutone. Allnet, with four locations across the Midwest, and Volutone, with six locations throughout Southern California, will assure integrators across these regions have easy access to the AVPro Edge line of connectivity solutions.
AVPro Edge products are used in retail signal distribution, hospitality, digital signage, and residential and commercial AV installations for switching, splitting, connecting and controlling HDMI. These products allow the use of the latest sources available and maintain a true 4K 18Gbps signal. AVPro Edge specializes in high bandwidth, 18Gbps video distribution with multiple products built to handle HDR, Wide Color Gamut, 16-bit (per pixel) Deep Color and 4K60 4:4:4 support, advanced EDID management and more. The complete product line includes a range of extenders, distribution amplifiers, matrix switchers, multi-viewers, audio equipment, and test gear; all engineered with military grade quality to ensure long component life.
Jeff Murray, CEO of AVPro Edge, stated, “The addition of Volutone and Allnet as distribution partners has allowed us to expand our reach and message, ensuring dealers are equipped with the knowledge and tools that will directly affect them in the field. These groups possess an impressive depth of knowledge in the industry and share our desire to provide superior solutions for audio/video professionals.”
For more information about Allnet Distributing, please visit www.allnetdistributing.com. For more information about Volutone, please visit www.volutone.com.
To learn more about AVPro Edge and to view the full product line, please visit www.AVPro Edge.com or call (877) 886-5112.
About AVPro Edge
AVPro Edge was founded and is headquartered in Sioux Falls, South Dakota. An AVPro Global Holdings company, AVPro Edge diligently develops and manufactures connectivity products designed to provide integrators with the tools they need to get their jobs done. As a full adopter of HDMI, HDBaseT and HDCP, AVPro Edge provides the quality products integrators deserve. Our engineers regularly work with these organizations and chip manufacturers to ensure the very best and capable products come to market. For more information visit www.AVProEdge.com or call (877) 886-5112.
Press Contact: Tom Devine, tom@avprostore.com, 605-782-2471


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