• Published , by Tom Devine

AVPro has had a blast in Dallas, TX this week participating in the TOLA Expo for the first time! Connecting with our installers again plus showing off MXNet, our AV over IP system has been a highlight.

​At this show we let MXNet take center stage. Our AV over IP system as been taking the industry by storm. With the MXNet Ecosystem,  integrators finally have an end-to-end solution developed with them in mind. Our engineering team focused on three things, stability of the entire system, interoperability with any HDMI source, display, USB device, or control system, and easy deployment of the entire system. MXNet allows for unlimited sources, displays, USB devices & video walls making it the perfect video distribution system for your next installation. Learn more about MXNet here.

A big thank you goes out to everyone who stopped by our booth! It was so great to see everyone in person! If you have any questions about MXNet or any of AVPro Edge's products, please call 877-886-5112.


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